Promote older story's you have read!

I want to share some older story’s I have read that are not in like the first 50 when you go to the genres. Though others would like to also! Make a list of no more then ten for people to see most of mine well be Romance!

Some of my favorites are!
1.Exotic Dancer
Community/ Romance
2.A Girl Like Her {Season 1 and Season 2}
Community/ Romance
3.Deadly Obsession : The Series *Vol 2
(This one has two different story’s in its self!!)
Community/ Thriller
4.Finding Ourselves Together (Not Complete yet but she is great and is working on finishing it)
Community/ Romance
5.Changes (By:Kylie)
Community/ Rommance
6. The Doberman (She is almost done with this one)
Community/ Romance
7.Stray - 2017
Community/ Romance
8.The Stripper
Community/ Romance
9.The Lawyer
Community/ Romance
10.My Boss’s Son
Community/ Romance
I could have kept going but you should really go check these out!

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Tittle: Search for love.
Author Name:
Story Description :Your life turns upside down when you try to escape from a toxic situation! Can you find the love you are looking for trying to escape?
Genre: Drama
Link :


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King’s Desire by Piyi Ofanouthaki
It’s my favourite Classic story

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Oh I want to read this one :slight_smile:
It sounds like it is really good! Is it yours?

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Yeah its my new story! Can you pleace give me some support? :heart_eyes:

I sure well I’m reading Mafia Love for someone else on here. But your next on m list because its sounds like it well be really good and I love Drama and love story’s.

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Thank you so much! Believe me you will don’t regret it if your continue read my story :wink: thank you again for your support!!!

I always read 5 Chapters before I say if I like it or not. I want to make sure I give the writer time to learn as they go how to better use the writer portal and to really get in to there story!

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So you have to wait to decide because I have already published only 3 chapters but I will update again soon. But I will like a lot to tell me your opinion!

I mean I well if you want it before then I can do that I just always try because I don’t want to be to fast to judge but I am on there 7 of there’s and its all they have so I am about to start yours I well tell you what I think as soon as I get done with Chapter 3 if you like. I just try to be nice to everyone :slight_smile:

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That’s nice! But you have to be honest and kind too… I know what you mean! I really respect your opinions for my story and from my faults I try to make my story better :blush:

I am going to find it right know :slight_smile:

Ok How do you all do the two different covers? lol Where when you look up your story it shows the cover you showed me then I click on it and it tells about the story then its got a different one were there hugging and he has a gun???

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You can make it on your own or you can ask to make you one! You can put it here

You can put small and large cover!!

OOOOOH…See I did not know you could use both small and large I though i had to pick one or the other lol I have someone making me a cover but I may see if they well make a second one also.

That;s great! Do you have a episode story? Or you’ll make one on the future ?

I am working on one know Called Alone tell there was you

Can I ask were your from?

I am loving this scene of Ryan and Nicole were we meet Ryan

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