Promote older story's you have read!


I want to share some older story’s I have read that are not in like the first 50 when you go to the genres. Though others would like to also! Make a list of no more then ten for people to see most of mine well be Romance!

Some of my favorites are!
1.Exotic Dancer
Community/ Romance
2.A Girl Like Her {Season 1 and Season 2}
Community/ Romance
3.Deadly Obsession : The Series *Vol 2
(This one has two different story’s in its self!!)
Community/ Thriller
4.Finding Ourselves Together (Not Complete yet but she is great and is working on finishing it)
Community/ Romance
5.Changes (By:Kylie)
Community/ Rommance
6. The Doberman (She is almost done with this one)
Community/ Romance
7.Stray - 2017
Community/ Romance
8.The Stripper
Community/ Romance
9.The Lawyer
Community/ Romance
10.My Boss’s Son
Community/ Romance
I could have kept going but you should really go check these out!


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Tittle: Search for love.
Author Name:
Story Description :Your life turns upside down when you try to escape from a toxic situation! Can you find the love you are looking for trying to escape?
Genre: Drama
Link :



King’s Desire by Piyi Ofanouthaki
It’s my favourite Classic story


Oh I want to read this one :slight_smile:
It sounds like it is really good! Is it yours?


Yeah its my new story! Can you pleace give me some support? :heart_eyes:


I sure well I’m reading Mafia Love for someone else on here. But your next on m list because its sounds like it well be really good and I love Drama and love story’s.


Thank you so much! Believe me you will don’t regret it if your continue read my story :wink: thank you again for your support!!!


I always read 5 Chapters before I say if I like it or not. I want to make sure I give the writer time to learn as they go how to better use the writer portal and to really get in to there story!


So you have to wait to decide because I have already published only 3 chapters but I will update again soon. But I will like a lot to tell me your opinion!


I mean I well if you want it before then I can do that I just always try because I don’t want to be to fast to judge but I am on there 7 of there’s and its all they have so I am about to start yours I well tell you what I think as soon as I get done with Chapter 3 if you like. I just try to be nice to everyone :slight_smile:


That’s nice! But you have to be honest and kind too… I know what you mean! I really respect your opinions for my story and from my faults I try to make my story better :blush:


I am going to find it right know :slight_smile:


Ok How do you all do the two different covers? lol Where when you look up your story it shows the cover you showed me then I click on it and it tells about the story then its got a different one were there hugging and he has a gun???


You can make it on your own or you can ask to make you one! You can put it here

You can put small and large cover!!


OOOOOH…See I did not know you could use both small and large I though i had to pick one or the other lol I have someone making me a cover but I may see if they well make a second one also.


That;s great! Do you have a episode story? Or you’ll make one on the future ?


I am working on one know Called Alone tell there was you


Can I ask were your from?


I am loving this scene of Ryan and Nicole were we meet Ryan