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Tittle: Search for love
Author: S.writes
Genre : Drama
Episodes: 20 (Season 2 complete)
Style : Ink
Description: Your life turns upside down when you try to escape from a toxic situation.Can you find the love you’re looking for trying to escape?
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Title : My Freedom
Author : AZN
Style : INK
Genre : Romance
Description : He’s an actor and he’s successful. That doesn’t stop Grey from chasing a shy girl like Ophelia, while being engaged to her cousin.
Instagram : @azn.stories
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Title: Love Is Death’s Game
Author: Saniyah K
Genre: Thriller/Romance/Drama
Chapters: 3 out (more coming soon)
Style: Limelight
Description: You’re seeking revenge for your parent’s killer, but what happens when you catch feelings for the killer. Will you go through with your revenge plot or fall hopelessly in love? Customization
Instagram:* @smk0225.epi



Hi there, this is my first story! My story has a bit of everything really, so much drama and many romantic elements. Let me know if anyone has any feedback too, I would love to improve! Only 3 chapters so far I would love to do more though, I hope you enjoy!!!

Title - Terria
Genre - Fantasy, Romance, Drama
Episodes - 3
Description - Samantha awakes to find herself in a land called Terria filled with vampires and witches, with no memory of who or what she is…
Link -


I love your cover art! it’s so beautiful!
I’ll check out your story and I hope you’ll check out mine too!:two_hearts:

Title: New Life Abroad
Author: Alifah & Ricki
Genre: Drama/Romance
Episodes: 3 (More episodes coming soon)

Style: Limelight
Story Description: You’ve always wanted to join sorority, but what if the Uni in the country you’re moving to doesn’t have Greek system? Find out and learn about other culture in this story!
My instagram: epi_alifah


If you want check out my story ^^
Genre: Romantic
Style: Ink
Description: Jade has been humiliated by Max on her first day of college. She begins to grow hatred for him and decides to take revenge. What will happen to Jade?
Episodes: 11 (Ongoing)
Instagram: @r.es_story



As once as I’m done reading yours, I’ll give you a feedback. Hope you’ll check my story too.
Title: Lost & Found
Author: Pat Vertinski
Genre: Drama
Description: She does look like cold-hearted capricious girl. Was it always like that? Make yourself comfortable, because Abel notices her and he is here to completely reveal her secrets.
There are 9 chapters.
Instagram: deafseen.episode


Title : The Bad Boy and the Teacher
Author : Lea
Genre : Drama/Romance
Style : Ink
Episodes : 3
Description : Alexa is having an affair with her hot teacher but what happens when the bad boy who moves into her house finds out?

PLEASE check it out! I worked super hard on it and I promise it’s good. Thanks so much :slight_smile:


I read one episode so far and I like it. it’s kind of funny


Here’s my first story. Not many reads yet but hoping that someone out there night like it. I’m also looking for some brand new stories that are undiscovered gems. I love romance and drama and think that some of the best stories out there are to be found by little known writers. And if you fancy, have a read of mine.
Title: Once a Player. . .
Genre: Romance/Drama
Description: Max Fielding is the bad boy ex footballer and Mila Morrison is the shy waitress. Once their worlds collide they end up having to spend every day together. . . But is it a case of once a player, always a player? The story moves along with twists and turns, beautiful romance and heartbreaking drama and let’s you ride the emotional rollercoaster that is Max and Mila’s story. I just hope you enjoy it.
Chapters: 25 (more coming soon)
Published: November 2018
Link: [


I’m reading it but they aren’t moving there mouths much. you should probably get them to talk more with there mouths love.


Hi all!
My Story:

Story Name : Glass Heart
Author : SianMarie
Genre : Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Status : 3 episodes out. More Episodes coming soon.
Cover Art : Myself
Instagram : @sian_episode
Description : Mia lose´s faith in everything when her world is turned upside down by the one person she trusted most. What happens when she meets a strong, stern, cold billionare? (CC ) 16+!


I love your cover @jaeljean2222!
Hi, I’m up for a read for read if anyone is interested! :sparkling_heart:
Instagram: ellec.writes
Title: Dying Love
Genre: Romance/Drama
Brief Description: I loved you the moment I laid eyes on you. …But as they say, all good things must come to an end. Art scenes inside.


Love your old and new cover!!! Who did you ask for help to design it? :smiley:


Heres my story if you want to check it out :slight_smile:

Title: Him & I
Author: Kami N.
No. episodes published: 3 so far(ongoing)
Style: Ink
Genre: Romance
Description: Samantha Hayes’ life is going smoothly until she meets two guys. One will change her perception of things to make sure she has the time of her life. I don’t want to give too much away, hence the short description.
Instagram: @episode.kamii
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Title-Let It Rain
Description- Nothing ever seems to go right for Brielle. Especially when it comes to her crazy foster mom, the jerk boys at school. but when bad boy hunter saves her life will things change?
Episodes-3 and counting


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I will read it :yellow_heart:


Yes I love doing those.