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I am interested in r4r :slight_smile:
My first story ever! I am willing to take any advice you may have :blob_hearts:

The American Nightmare
3 episodes so far (ongoing)

Genre: Drama, Romance

In NYC, Alice, a German exchange student, faces a nightmare as the host family’s daughter disrupts her American dream.

Gem Choices: The only gem choices I have included are “support the author” at the end of each episode!

Link: Episode Writer Portal

Hello everyone my name is Faith and i am a author on episode interactive, i have six stories published and here i am trying to promote them more. I am open for a read for read or a shoutout! Lets get together and help out this community
Here is my work

Top to bottom is the order, you can read each as a stand alone but it makes more sense to read it from start to finish, It starts out with not the best grammer and coding but trust me the more you read my work the more you will see improvement. I am yet to go back in revamp it all. I hope you consider reading my stories! Here is the link!

If u need a shoutout or review, pls visit our profile @epi_school_for_good_and_evil on Ig , link is in our bio

If u need a shoutout for your stories pls do checkout our page @epi_school_for_good_and_evil on Ig , link is in our bio

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Thank you so much for this opportunity.

Title: The Lost Twin
Author: Cathystar
Genre: Romance

Story description: Sheila longed for a better, more luxurious life and like a fairytale, she got what she wanted but can she handle the responsibilities that comes with her dream life?

Full CC for LI, limited CC for MC :slight_smile:

GEM CHOICE: Gem choices only appear in support the author!

Thank you all for reading in advance :blush:

Hi if anyone looking for a story to read :hearts:

Title: Partner and Crime

Author Episode.percenitygf

Instagram @Episode.percenitygf


Only gem choice is the support the author at the end

Style Limelight

Episodes 1-3 and 4 coming soon

Kira, finally reunited with her family after being taken away at the age of 7, wonders what will happen when the past of her parent’s past comes back into the picture.