Promote you story here ;)


Hi there ! Come here and promote your stories. I want to read all about them ! If you also have art, send it here.

I’ll start with my story :wink:

Title :“Moonlight”
**Author :**Iristrdo
**Characters : **Limelight
**Episodes : **I don’t know for now because It is not published yet hahaha
**Description: ** Rey is a 17 years old girl who doesn’t believe in love. All her life, people have disappointed her and now her faith in any kind of love is crushed. Will she ever be able to love ?
**About the story : ** It will be a mix of romance and drama. You will find some high school stereotypes but I will also try to modify and change the normal atmosphere of a teenage life. Why “Moonlight” ?
**Instagram : **@Trdo_Writings ( FOLLOW and I’ll follow back :slight_smile: )

I hope you’ll read it when I’m done and maybe follow me :wink:
But for now, I want to read all about your work !


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