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Hi everyone!! Im Zam and I am a commission artist!

I usually take 2-5 days to finish a commission and you can dm me if interested!
Here are samples of my work:



$20 to $35 per character

Hi everyone
I’m a commissioned artist



If someone is interested you can dm me :two_hearts:

Not MY shop but I’m apart of it and it’s definitely worth checking out! I’m newer but would love some requests !!
Art Shop

You can see my examples there :slight_smile: I do art scenes, covers, overlays, background edits, and a lot more ! Come request !!

Whos open?

Hello, anyone who needs free backgrounds & overlays here’s my thread along with my rules that you MUST follow, it’s under review at the moment (hoping we can get it open soon) but you can message me anytime for any questions :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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