Promote your art shop (popular or small) or story!

Hello here’s an art shop where I am a member.
Thanks for this thread as well, Make sure to visit the shop.

We have

  1. Moodboards
  2. Outfits
  3. Banners.
  4. Character Cards (Character Creation)
  5. Text overlays
  6. Splashes
  7. Menu
  8. Edits (custom poses, profile pictures)
  9. Art (covers and art scenes)
  10. Story Cards

And here’s the link

And we’re also hiring.
Jobs available are
-Art Scenes
-Profile Pictures
-Limb Overlays
-Text Overlays
-Custom Poses
-Character Cards
-Character creation
-Menu Templates

If you want to be hired, please fill out the form and PM @SofiaB for the form so that you can be hired.
Thanks for this thread again and have a great day.