Promote your art shop (popular or small) or story!

Hello my great blue herons!

Promote your art shop here and I might request someonething or promote your story and I’ll give it a read :blush:

Your art shops can include anything

Covers (Edited or drawn)
Art scenes
Profile pictures (edited or drawn)
Character cards
And more!

Please fill out this forum below (for art shops)

Shop Name:
Styles/types you do: For example: LL, Ink or Classic
Are you taking requests?
What does your shop do or include?
Examples of your or artist’s work
(Please ask for permission from your artist from your art shop if it’s OK to show an example of her or his work on this thread and don’t forget to credit them too if doing it)

Fill out this forum (for promoting stories)

This story includes: For example, full CC for mc and li, choices matter and point system.
(You can include a story link if you want)

Thanks for promoting your art shop or story!


Hello. Thanks for this :blush: :blob_hearts:

Title: i-Humanoids
Author: Hazel J
Genre: Scifi/Mystery
Chapters: 6 (7 coming soon)
Plot: With the increasing cases of missing people in the metropolis, you can trust no one. But can you trust a mysterious non-entity whom for all the while you thought is a human?
This story includes: Option to choose mc and li’s gender, full cc for mc and li, choices matter, point system.

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Your welcome!

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Title: R&R: Crystal Abyss
Author: Jade135
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters: 3 (ongoing)
Plot: Tasked with a mission that could save the entire world, you’re forced to navigate the unknown alone. But the truth always comes out, and it’s not what you expected.
This story includes: Limited CC for MC and 2 LIs, point system, important choices, advanced directing.

Thank you for this!

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Thanks, I am really trying to get my story out there! It is a cute romance story or at least that is what I have got back from others so if you like them it might be something you should read.

Title - R&R: Till Death Do Us Part
Author - Baked Potato
Genre - Romance
Chapters - 3 (More coming soon)
Plot - (Description) Family is everything to you and that’s why you are sacrificing your whole life to save your sister by getting married to a famous actor. Will it be a movie worthy romance?
Extras - Full CC for MC/LI, M/F LI, M/F MC, Plus size choice, choices (can result in points)

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Hi! I’m promoting both my art shop and my story.

Art shop:

Twin Fairies
Author: Raitlyn
Description: You’re a girl living in a fairy world. What happens when you meet your twin sister and she just happens to be the most powerful Fairies in the universe?

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Hi :yellow_heart: @Adorablxheron I would like to promote my story

Title: I married my troublemaker (limelight)
Author name: Miss Deepika
Style: Limelight
Episode: 23 so far
Description: Fixed marriage with a person who brings trouble in your life, will this marriage turned out to be a success or big misery in your life.
{Art scenes}

Genre: comedy
Ig: @orangeweedie.episode

English is not my first language so kindly bear my small mistakes :heart:


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Thanks for this!

Title: Ice Cold Death
Author: Lee (@episode.nataliem)
Genre: Mystery
Chapters: 4 (Completed)
Plot: When Emily Green drops dead at Club Scarlet, the city tasks you, their best detective, with bringing her family justice. Can you solve the case?
This story includes: Full CC and glasses choice for the MC, choices matter, and tappable overlays

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I currently have a shop up for cheap commissions.
I do all sorts of art from pfps to full body art scenes, intros, outros & covers

Shop Name: @reaper.artz
Styles/types you do: I do anything episode & real life :hear_no_evil:

Are you taking requests? Yes always
What does your shop do or include? It includes already made art for sale & takes requests for any art wanted

Examples of my work

Title: Breaking Point
Author: Lj mellish
Genre: thriller
Chapters: 18 published
Plot: Locked away for 9 years of her life. Marley lost the support from her twin brother & her lover all in one day. Can Marley overcome this darkness that rules her life.
A mafia story.

This story includes: full CC across all main characters, LL story , art scenes :heart:
My link

Thank you

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Shop Name: Majestic Art Shop
Styles/types you do: For example: LL, Ink or Classic- LL and INK
Are you taking requests? Yes
What does your shop do or include?Character Cards,Splashes,Banners,Story cards,text overlays…
Examples of your or artist’s work


Link-Majestic Art shop (Free and Open) 💗💖{Character Cards,Splashes and More}


Here is my art shop

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Thanks for this :heart:

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Your welcome!

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heres mine !!

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Thank you for this thread - it really helps :blob_hearts:

My art shop: Bliss Art Shop
Status: New, opened yesterday.
Members: Myself, and 1 other member @/Thima_123
Price: FREE!
New Members?- Hiring.

Please check it out - I’ve been getting a lot of entries to be members but no requests so check it out if you need:
Splashes, Overlays, Story Covers, Character Creation, Outfit Deigns, Banners, Character Cards, Story Cards, Mood Boards or Quote Cards!

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Your welcome :blush:
Good luck with your art shop!

Hello here’s an art shop where I am a member.
Thanks for this thread as well, Make sure to visit the shop.

We have

  1. Moodboards
  2. Outfits
  3. Banners.
  4. Character Cards (Character Creation)
  5. Text overlays
  6. Splashes
  7. Menu
  8. Edits (custom poses, profile pictures)
  9. Art (covers and art scenes)
  10. Story Cards

And here’s the link

And we’re also hiring.
Jobs available are
-Art Scenes
-Profile Pictures
-Limb Overlays
-Text Overlays
-Custom Poses
-Character Cards
-Character creation
-Menu Templates

If you want to be hired, please fill out the form and PM @SofiaB for the form so that you can be hired.
Thanks for this thread again and have a great day.