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Hey Episodians!

So I thought it would be nice if we all shared some love on this new competition going on.

Please feel free to post your stories below and I will give them a read :slight_smile:

If you would like to read mine, the details are below:

Title: Clue: The Manor
Genre: Mystery
Type: Limelight
Author: Pentagram Paradox



Thank you and Happy Reading!


Amazing stories here: Clue Contest Story Entry List

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Title: Clue: L.O.S.T.

Description: After being brutally killed you are going to experience life after death and reincarnate in a body of a sexy detective to investigate your own murder.

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Good luck to everyone! :sparkling_heart:

Here are my stories either one is fine
Clue:Gone Missing

Aurora Jane knows her twin sister is missing, but doesn’t remember anything because of a tragic accident. She and her friends are going to start a search. Who is behind all of it?(LL)

The Life Of a Bully
Follow the life of Samantha your average school Queen Been,But something happens that changes everything and not in a good way. Find out what it is and how Samantha will handle it(LL)

Hi, so this is our Clue story

What is the story about:
Marbel shy nerdy girl finds strange necklace hidden in a book. What is even more strange is the fact that the book is dedicated to somebody with the same name as her. Or is it possible the book was left there for her by purpose? This event starts a hunt for the truth behind this mystery.

Title: Clue: Secret of the Necklace
Author: Farah DeSantis & Grace
Genre: Mystery, (+Romance, +Comedy, + Fantasy )
Style: Limelight

Chapters: 4 (To be continued…)
Instagram: @miss_desantis_

CC, Custom Choices, Point System, Mini-Games, Advanced Directing, Using of overlays

Hi! Here is my Clue story entry. :heart:

Title : Clue: Murder In Disguise
Author: Audrey Stone
Instagram: @audreystone_episode
Genre: Mystery
Style: LL
Number of Episodes: 3 (more coming)
Description: A mysterious death of your friend, leads you and sexy detective Sam Thorn to one clue, the cobalt blue butterfly. CC, Choices Matters, Mini Games, Music, Love Interest.

Happy writing and good luck y’all!

This is my entry…

Title: Clue: By The Book
Author: Amberose
Description: You’re just a simple librarian with a love of mystery stories. No one expected you to successfully solve cases or nail suspects. Guess all that time spent reading paid off.