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Who is your favorite author in the Episode app and what genre do you prefer?

  • Mine is Miss Mj and definitely romance, thriller, action and some kind of Mafia or criminal orientation.

I’m writing my Story Fight Alone right now and those genres are my inspiration.

Author Name Raven.

Description “Kia goes on vacation without the knowledge that her path will be crossed by the notorious Mafia gang, The Red Drivers. Can she run faster than they can chase?”

Number of episodes 14 (More Coming Soon.)

Style Limelight

Link Episode Writer Portal

Tell me!

Tell me more about your story, I’m more curious about that :relieved:

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Too many great authors to choose just one, but based on what I’m reading write now,
She devil by Anila
Sip of time by Yennie
Fantasy is my fav genre.

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Oh yeah? Well, The MC gets embroiled in a fight with a Mafia gang called The Red Drivers. She has to be smarter, stronger, and faster than them or she will be consumed in their world. They are the ones in charge, holding the reins, making the rules that she must obey. Which she doesn’t. Along the way, she face lust, betrayal, love, friendship and adventure beyond what she thought was possible. :wink:

My favorite author right now is E R Gurney! And mt favorite genres are definitely romance and fantasy.
I just published the first 5 chapters of my first ever story! I would really appreciate if you gave it a read, and in return I’ll read your story too! Thank you so much!

Title: The Love Match
Genre: Romance, Historical
Description: You are a debutante in search of love in the regency era. Will you choose your rakish and handsome childhood enemy, or will you choose the charming Duke with a dark secret?
Number of episodes: 5 (More coming soon! I just released this!)

Follow my instagram for updates!: @calopsia.episode
Thank you so much!

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Hmm inspired by Bridgerton? Sounds interesting. Royalty is always so entertaining to read.
I like the cover, really nice! :smiling_face:

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You want to do a r4r? x

Thank you for the kind words! If you would give it a quick read, I’d be most appreciative :blush: It’s the first thing I’ve ever published on episode so I’m trying to get some reads on it. Thank you!

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Sure, I’ll check it out!
Fight Alone is my first Story too :revolving_hearts:

Ooh I’ll give it a read! It looks interesting!

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