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Title ~ DD: Virtually Lovestruck
Genre ~ Romance
Description~ What happens when your online meet-cute turns out to be a chance online encounter with a billionaire heir?
Instagram ~ @hadleewrites
Story Link ~


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My story is called DD: Lost Connection
The description: Amelie and Benji hit it off on Connect, a dating app that hides your name and photo for 30 minutes. When Amelie’s internet cuts out before they can match, she ends up meeting his bestfriend Sam in real life instead.


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Here’s my entry:

Title: DD: Undeniably Yours
Chapters: 3 ongoing
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance
Instagram: LINK
Release: December 16
Link: LINK

Dating a guy online and living with your crush. And as a cherry on the top a fake dating. Finding true love is a hard task until you open your eyes.

CC :heart: Art Scenes :heart: Choices :heart: Points :heart: Mini Games :heart: Music & Sounds :heart: Advanced Directing

All choices matter and bring you Love points that determinate the end of this story.

Gem choices
  • Gems choices are added for author support and for additional customization of the main character.
  • Gem choices for outfits give you an extra love point and a bonus scene.
    Some art scenes are available only for chosen gem outfits.


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Title : DD: Before Zinnias Bloom

Cover :

Description : Marilla convinced her old widowed landlady to join a virtual group for senior citizens. Little did she know that she will be the one to gain something from it.

Instagram : goji.episode (following you now.)

Story Link :

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Title: DD: Sounds of Seattle
Genre: Drama
The year is 1998 and Sienna is an up and coming model. She finds love in a chat room dedicated to literature. But, the question is…who is on the other end of the computer?

Link to my story.

Instagram: boudreaux.writes
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