Promote your drama or fantasy stories here

I really enjoy those stories. My requirements are these:

  • There’s need to be at least 15 chapters published (I tend to binge read).
  • I don’t want vampire or werewolf stories, I’ve read too much of these and I want to try new things.
  • No cliches, sorry but it turns me off when I see those things. I want new ideas and interesting characters.

You can also promote another author’s story <3


Okay these are some of my all-time favorite fantasy stories:

  1. The Ruby Tiara by Wincy W
  2. Finding Emerald by Sarah Kieser
  3. The Darkness Within by Jess Fox
  4. Define Future by Ana Stacy (it’s adventure but it feels like fantasy lol)
  5. Caught Up in the Moment by Ana Stacy
  6. Moonlit Feathers by Wincy W.

I have other fantasy stories i enjoy, they just don’t have more than 15 chapters lol. but i hope you find something you like!!


thanks for replying! <3

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I’m looking for some feedback to know if my story is worth writing, it’s totally diferent concept from my previous ones and I’m not so sure About it. It’s drama/fantasy, I Hope that it’s original, I try my best to make it diferent. I have 8 chapters published And chapter 9 is almost Done, but if you could tell me your opinion, it would help me a lot. I’ m deciding if I should continue it or not. Thank you very much!!

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Title: Immortalem: 1
Author Name: Freya
IG username: Immortalem.episode
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters: 7 (More Coming)
A story following a young witch drawn to dark magic and her ancestral coven trying to stop her. Along the way, she meets vampires and werewolves, friend and foe alike.!!

Please check out my new story , let me know what you guys think! Don’t forget to share!!

I know it isn’t 15 chapters. working on that!! however we do have strong and interesting storyline. Hope you give it a chance and let me know what you think =]


The day I said goodbye by Megan b

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Here’s my story link and cover :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


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Here is my story, it’s a drama, with no cliches.

Title: Motherly
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 21 (ongoing, updates every 2 weeks)
Description: Cassandra, mother of 3, is left to raise her kids all by herself when her husband leaves her. Will she defy the odds? Or will she crack under the weight of all her stress?

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I also have another story that is also in the drama genre and is also not a cliche.

Title: Hey Doc!
Genre: Drama
Author: Drama_Club_Girl_25
Episodes: 25 (complete)
Description: Shamira, a doctor, in the mist of WW3. It’s up to her and her team to find the Enemy leader, but what happens when there’s a rat telling the Enemy their every move?

Art scenes included! Prequel coming soon.

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not my story but u should definitely check out “Folk Devils” by @/m.jordan- u wont regret it :grin:

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I’m looking for new stories! In case someone has recommendations

Hey! Here is my fantasy story (:

  • Story Name - Love From Different Realms
  • Genre - Fantasy
  • Description - Summer is a normal girl with a normal life but, when she finds out her soulmate is the king her life changes completely. As the soulmate bond grows stronger what will happen?

Link -


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Thank you so much for the thread
My story
Story title :- Darker than Black

Author :- blue flare

Instagram: @flare_888

Description:- Under some Circumstances you will have to act as Psychologist at the house of the richest people in the country , will you mange to keep your identity hidden ?

Genres :- Drama , Romance .

Current chapters :- 14(on going )

style :- LL

Choices matter

Points system


Cover :———-

Link :

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Thanks for this thread

FANTASY only 4 chapters so far sorry :(

R&R: In Love with Her Soul
Genre: fantasy
Chapters: 4
One LI (choose gender)
Mature, comedy
You can also find my story in the R&R shelf on the app :black_heart::black_heart:
They say that love conquers all. But is love enough for Demon, Asmodeus, to choose HER over himself? Is he willing to give up his soul to save hers?
Male MC,M/F LI,Point System, CC

DRAMA/ROMANCE 24 chapters

High on Love and Formaldehyde
Genre: Romance/Drama
24 chapters out (on going)
Working at a morgue is what Eliana loves but when her life gets darker than her job, she’ll need all the support she can get. Who’ll bring back the light in the dark?
CC, LL, Art

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If you need a story here is mine!

Story Description
she’s been outside the truth for her whole life but Isabella is determined to find out the truth about herself, will you follow her along and see the truth unfold? (CC & no gems)


and DM on Instagram!
To let me know you would be down.
Instagram: @eyahmn.episode

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You should try my story :star_struck:

Story Title : Princess’s Crown
Author : Kira (IG:@lil.elfling)
Genre : Fantasy/Adventure/Romance
Story Description : When Bellatrix is forced to run away from the castle, she finds herself on a dangerous path. Can she unlock a secret hidden deep inside her to keep the darkness away?
Style : Limelight
Customization : Full CC for MC and LI
Link :

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Hi there

Thank you for this thread
This is my story details, hope you like it

Title : Long time

Gerne: Romance / Mystery

Episodes: 11(ongoing)

Author: Lea

Instagram: lea.episode.1

Description: Hanna grew up in one of the most Dangerous Italian Mafia families.

Since her mum died from unknown circumstances she feels like a piece of herself is missing.

What happens when you feel like you don’t fit in this world anymore… and you want to know the truth?

When you cross his path will he help you?

Link: 1


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I have only 9 chapters, but maybe you would like to try my first story:

Fantasy, cc, 1li, point system.

I’m also working on DL story, it will be - Drama, cc, m/F LI.
I will publish it in the middle of May :wink:

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I will be honest… I won’t read the stories with few chapters but I will save them so I can check “my favorites” and read them when you update with more chapters.

The good news is that I tend to binge read, so you will have like 30 new reads (and gems, I tend to reward small stories) in just a day when I finally read the story

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