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Here you can promote your episode accounts and stories!! I will follow everyone who posts!


Episode: Emm@lyn
Instagram: episode.emmalyn

Episode: Purple_Ghost
Instagram: @purple_ghost13

Episode : Cindy

Episode: Bells.C
Instagram: bellsepisodes

Moved this thread to Episode Fan Community as the section it was created in is intended for story sharing only. Thanks.

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Episode: Manna
Instagram: @manna.episode

Instagram: @asphodelus_official

Episode: Chida
Instagram: CherryMaxis


And my bestfriends


Episode: Anna Raehart
Insta: @itsannaraehart

Episode: Marianna Escalante
Instagram: @episodemarianna

Instagram Account: @DaziCat
Facebook Account DaziCat EpisodeWriter
Published Stories:
Many Me: Adventure
Time After Time: Fantasy


I make episode edits on there too.

Instagram: @cateyedgoddess_episode
Stories Published:
Forever Is A Long Time
The Most Powerful Scream

Episode: Tara Star
Forums: TaraStar
Instagram: tarastarofficial
The Amazing Life Of Cecilia (Fantasy)
The Blazing Sky (Romance)

Episode acc: fifi
please follow x

I have alot . . .

FB : LeeFunkEpisode
Instagram : leefunkepisode (I follow back fellow strictly episode accounts only)
Twitter : LeeFunkEpisode (same deal as above)
Snapchat : LeeFunkEpisode
Episode App : Lee Funk

Episode: Ms.Kate (currently writing a story)

Episode: Mehek