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followed you! :heart:

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I followed you! I’m @winter05.episode. :wink:

followed you!:heart:

followed you!:heart::heart:

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I followed you., my ig is glossomly21

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My insta is @julied.episode xoxo

Hey, this is not a promote your story thread, it’s a promote your Instagram thread. There’s a section that you could go to promote your story-please read what the thread says and think before you post, thank you : )

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Hey y’all! I’m sure there’s tons of these out there already but what the heck I’ll make another one.


Let’s see the Instagram handles! I wanna be all your friends. I just started my Instagram so i need tons of them :joy:

Let’s be friends!
What are you currently reading right now?

My handle is: @episode.grritspha
And I’m currently obsessed with He Can’t Tame Me.

I hope someone replies to this.


I followed you

My handle is @atreus.writes
And I’m currently reading too many stories :joy:

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I followed you!
And I’m gonna have to check that one out!

Followed you back girl!
Any must read stories?

  • The ruby Tiara (I recommend this to everyone lol)
  • Meet me at sunrise
  • Iridescent
  • Autumn: Utopia
  • Adrenaline

These are my top 5 atm :slight_smile:
Also followed you back!


@kalanisantino is my insta :blush: i am currently reading dirty little secrets :two_hearts:

I started Meet Me At Sunrise. I’ll have to check out the others :blush:

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I followed you girl! :call_me_hand:t4:

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Followed you back :blush:

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