Promote Your K&T Stories Here | Not a R4R Thread

Hey, everyone. So, I’m currently in need of more interesting stories to read as I’ve had a lot of bad things going on in my life lately and need a distraction from them.

I also remember (from entering the Clue contest a while back) how hard it can be as a small, new author to get that 100 reads you need. Even if you’re not a new author, I’m sure the whole process can be super stressful!

So, for both those reasons, I would love if you all would promote your Kiss and Tell stories below. I’ll read them once the deadline for entering passes and promote my favorites on my Instagram.

I look forward to checking out your awesome work! :hugs::black_heart:

List of stories I’ll be reading:

  1. K&T: Dare to Kiss! by @TamiRose
  2. K&T: Tangled in Time by @AnaEpisode1
  3. K&T: Angel Lips by @episodes_bylex
  4. K&T: Play Mind Game by
  5. K&T: Upside Down by @dreamercyn
  6. K&T: My New Years Resolution by @lorenbethxox
  7. K&T: The Secrets Behind Fame by @lanika
  8. K&T: The Heiress by @Baleigh_episode
  9. K&T: Oh My Paws by @JiangShi
  10. K&T: Loving a Werewolf by @drusilla.d
  11. K&T: That One Moment by @kiki.writes.things
  12. K&T: Be My Sitter by @Bettii

Also, please don’t let this thread get off topic as this is meant to be a thread for promoting K&T stories, not R4Rs…


I’m sorry your life is up and down right now. Sending you positive vibes and hoping things get better soon. :heartpulse:

And thanks for this thread and the support.

Here’s mine, I hope anyone who checks it out will like it:

Title: K&T: Dare to Kiss!

Description: Neoni, independently strong, confident and all about her business. But, that all changes when a nosy spy unnecessarily enters her life. Will she get rid of him or fall in love?


So sorry to hear things haven’t been going well for you lately. Just know your episode fam is always here for you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
My story isn’t K&T, but if you want to check it out anyway here it is:


Thank you. That really means a lot to me! :black_heart:

I’m looking forward to checking out your story. I have a feeling I’m going to love it! :blush:

Thank you! That’s so sweet! :blush:

I’ll definitely check out your story too if I have time!

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Anytime :heartpulse:

I hope you do :blush:

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I hope everything gets better soon, for you. :hugs:
Thanks for the thoughtful thread, it would definitely help a lot of us!

Here’s my K&T entry :

Title : K&T: Tangled in Time

Description: Constantly unlucky in love, Celeste wishes to go back in time to fix her mistakes. What happens when it’s granted? Will it be everything she wished for or a reminder of reality?


Thank you so much!

Your story looks really interesting! I can’t wait to check it out :blush:

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K & T: Angels Lips :kiss:

Since I forgot to add the description!

Angel Rule #1: do not kiss a human. Cass has never been a rule breaker… until it becomes a matter of life and death. How far will she go to keep her wings? CC, CM.


Hello, wanna r4r?

Mine K&T: Play Mind Game.
Male Mc


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A third story!?! Be honest… you’re either not sleeping or you’re an android. I’m leaning towards the later. :thinking:


Hey Renee, if you ever need an ear or need a new friend to distract yourself, you can hit me up on Instagram; otherwise, I hope everything works out for you eventually. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :purple_heart:

Anyway, here’s my story deets;

Story Title: K&T: Upside Down
Author: Cynthia W.
Description: Maxiel has everything, and Tiana just flipped his life upside down with only TEN seconds. What’s next for him, and how will the story unfold? [2 MCs] [LIMELIGHT]

Cover Arts


Oh my god that cover is so gorgeous!!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::star_struck::star_struck::star_struck:


This is amazing!

My story will be released on the 13th so I don’t have the proper screenshot of the description, but I’ve copied these below to sum it up! :slight_smile:

If you choose to read it, I hope you’ll enjoy it x

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I’m so sorry to hear that and I hope things get better soon… sending you love and support
Thank you so much for making this thoughtful thread…
my story’s title is K&T: The Secrets Behind Fame
Description: Can a kiss you don’t remember affect your entire life and career and be the secret behind your boss’s fame? It was and you’re on your journey of finding out how.


Hello, fancy a r4r?

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Beautiful cover! Was it made by @episode.phoeberose? I seriously love her work :sweat_smile:

I can’t wait to check out the story!

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Looks interesting! I can’t wait to read it :blush: