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Usually by now there are at least a couple contest entries but I can’t find any. Too many people use mc in their bio and that might be why I can’t find any yet. Drop your story title down below so I could give it a read.

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Thanks! I’m working on one now!

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Hi! Mine is MC: The Valentine’s Project

By Dominique Seth Da Silva

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Not gonna lie, the first episode made me tear up

I’ve just published it! MC : Unexpected Day

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Title: MC: Nevermore (LL)

Description:What if falling in love meant your own death… Would you do it? CC LGBT

Let me know what you think!

Instagram: Horizen86

Hey, @Garin! Thank you for creating this thread. Not sure if it’s still active though. xD I hope you’d be interested in reading my story:

Title: MC: When the Petal Falls :rose:
Author: aprilish
Blurb: At the fall of the last rose petal, Maggie returns Cliff’s envelope but steals his heart. With just one evening in hand, will they find each other and fall in love?

Thank you so much! Have a wonderful day. <3

This is mine :grin:

Title: MC: All These Notes
Author: TessS
Style: INK
Chapters: 3
Description: You are wild, fierce and wonderfully chaotic. You are beautiful in a way a fire is beautiful. Only a fool wouldn’t love you. And I am no fool. Male MC, Choices matter
Ben’s life is turned upside down when he meets a mystery woman. What will he do to find her and keep her? :blush:
thank you :slight_smile:

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Title: MC: The Right Time
Description: Scarlett enjoys her single life. Then she meets an alluring stranger and is determined to find them. What’s the catch? Well, they aren’t from this time. And what about Scarlett?
Chapters: 3 (chapter 4 - the final chapter will be published as soon as possible)
Style: Limelight

I published my story Heavenbound: What if your life depended on not being with the man you fell in love with? Unravel the secrets in this action-packed romance! Limelight, CC and a modest amount of choices.

I’m also on Instagram (trailer coming up in a minute): nellesepisode :heart: Show me your screenshots and your custom main character!

trailer: (sound on)

Almost two months later…

Here’s my entry that I co-wrote with my love, @Annie_BeauTy

Title: MC: Marry, Kiss, Kill
Author: A.BeauTy and Amberose
Pretty AF large cover:

Vaguey McVaguey description: A bride-to-be is the last person you would expect to see slide into the back of your cab. Yet here one was and she was about to change your entire world.

Slightly better description that’s not capped by a character limit: You play as a male who’s just started his first day as a taxi driver. A full on super hot (well, she’s customizable… So the hot factor is up to you) chick is your first passenger and she’s basically your soulmate. The problem? Not only do you not get her name or number, but she was also wearing a wedding dress :cry:


I too was wondering where they were once upon a time, and now I’m flooded with MC stories to read!

My first Episode story ever:

Story: MC: Osaka Across Time
Author: Cee
Style: LL (Spotlight)
Chapters: 3 (more in progress)
Genre: Romance and Fantasy
Description: Nia’s living in Japan when she connects with another passenger on a delayed train. But it’ll be hard reconnecting later—seeing as he’s from the future. CC, LL, LGBTQ+

Even though it says so above, I’ll warn people who don’t like Spotlight (so most people :sweat_smile:) that it is indeed a Spotlight story. It in the style of a branching narrative VN, I guess, but if you are interested in Japan and/or time travel, you might like it.

MC: Ghosted
Description: You encounter an alluring stranger that sets your heart aflame, but when tragedy strikes, you are torn away from them. What will you do to be with them again? (LGBTQ+) (CC)
Style: Limelight
Total Episodes: 3 (completed)
I will read for reads! Thanks!

Hey, I have a thread on this. Feel free to check it out.

Here’s some info if you’d like to check it out:)

Title- MC: Convention Tension
Description- You head into a Cosplay convention where you end up meeting a woman like no other. Through your choices, will you be able to find her again before the end of the weekend? [Male MC:Diversity]