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Reveal: 7 Days Left

Publish Date: October 5, 2020

Author: Mnemosyne Sartori

For sneak peeks and shoutouts

When she’s caught in a controversy, a beauty blogger goes on a self-discovery journey, but it isn’t easy when death is catching up and old wounds are threatening to reopen.

:white_check_mark: CC

:white_check_mark: Point System

:white_check_mark: Mini Games

:white_check_mark: Timed Choices


Reveal: For Our Family


Description: Reyna had everything or so she thought…but one night changes everything, she is forced to marry a powerful man to save her family.



This is not the official cover, this a teaser for my contest entry.

Reveal: Heiress of Blue Waters, a Limelight pirate drama set in the Victorian era.

Publish Date
September 12th, 2020 at 12 p.m.
No promises.

Author Handles
Goddess Studios on the App and @faithly.artful/@faithly.episode on Instagram

With the birth of unrequited love of a man of piracy and a woman of nobility, the child is ready to set out on a quest of justice towards the separation of their parents. Doing so will reveal an ugly, hidden truth of what caused the love of their parents to not be returned and the aftermath.

Game Assets

  • Full Visual CC of the MC/LI (This does include gender for LGBTQA+ preference)
  • LGBTQA+ (You can choose to be asexual)
  • Mini Games
  • Visual CC for Horse
  • Timed Choices
  • And MORE

I will send a demo to proof readers. You can PM if interested.


Okay here we go <3

My story is called ‘Reveal: The Privileged Prestige’

It’s a sci-fi drama story that is mostly focused on drama.

my description >.>

Your ability to time-travel doesn’t appear in your justice when you alone can save humanity. Will you put your mission in danger due to this intriguing stranger out 1982?

The choices matter and you can choose your device! I’m so excited to share it :pleading_face::white_heart:


I don’t proofread, but I can review your story when it’s published. I made a review shop where you can request feedback. :grin:

That’d be great if you do not mind me asking, for you to review. I am only worried that a lot of my advanced directing could cause issues to other devices. Also I’m super excited to see what your story synopsis will be and will be excited to read as well. Also if you need help with background or overlay assets I would not mind helping! :blush:

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Story title: Reveal: I’m Royal?

just completed chapter 1. Will do 2 & 3 this weekend.

Synopsis: Your father never loved you since you were a baby, stepmoms changes every year and they mysteriously dissapear. One day, your maid reveals the truth about your birth.

@Choices matter and timed chooces too.
@Limelight. Some C.C.Preformatted text

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Can you elaborate on what kind of issues? And thank you so much, I’m also excited to read yours! :blush::blob_hearts: Your teaser looks great, I’ll definitely ask for help if I’m in need!

Sometimes tappable overlays will not work on older devices or tablets, so that is one issue. I might have a choice for the reader if they just rather have regular choices instead similiar to what caitoriri.writes did in Infected. I just do not want to get my readers stuck in between the mini games, because I want every reader to have a fun time while reading. Sorry for the lengthy-ness I absolutely love coding. :point_right:t5: :point_left:t5: :heart: So it would just be great to make sure that it is fun and easy to go through while also having dramaaaa lol

You don’t have to apologize, I totally understand why you’re worried!

Aww thanks so much that reassured to keep going!!! Sorry for flooding your topics with all the coding issues :sweat_smile:

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Reveal: A Driven Duty

  • Story description:
    Following the death of billionaire, MIT Engineer- Thomas Williams- sparks a hefty investigation on who did it. Unemployed, Lois White is just the woman for the job! Sporting a high IQ and brilliance. However, dealing with a severe case of alcoholism and the reveal of a life-changing experience may hinder her all the more.
    Where to find me!
    on app - depressionable
    on insta - epi.depressionable


My story contains?

  • Full CC for the MC, Part CC for ONE LI, full for the other 2.
  • Advanced directing
  • Mini Games
  • All Choices matter!
  • Point system!
  • Inventory system!

Thank you a bunch if you read! :slight_smile: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Reveal: STITCH

Story description:

A severe diagnosis causes life, as Charlie knows it, to be turned on its head. What will come of it and how will she handle it?

For sneak peeks and updates, follow me on Instagram at Jess.kay.writes.

Can you please tag me when your story is out ?

Of course :grin:

Reveal: Breakway
Author: Queen Scribbles
Instagram: queenscribbles

  • Sound/music
  • 2 LIS
  • Gender Option
  • CC
  • Mini Games
  • Mattering Choices
  • Timed Choices


Here’s my unpublished entry!

Title - Reveal: To Be Powerful

Author - Tamaraa (Me obvi)

Desc - Everyone receives powers at the age of 18, but what if you don’t? How’ll you fulfill your dream of becoming a superhero and complete top superhuman university all without powers?

Can’t wait to read everyone’s :heart_eyes:


I am entering as well!
Here is my Reveal contest story.

Reveal: He - soon She

Description: When your boyfriend delivers you shocking news, you question everything you once knew. With your career in jeopardy, you realize that the true bombshell hadn’t been revealed.

Author: emma.writes.episode

My Instagram: emma.writes.episode

Publish Date: September 21, 2020 the date can still change

  • CC
  • Mini-games
  • Point System
  • Timed Choices
  • Limelight
  • LGBTQ+

Good luck to everyone joining!

I’m joining too :raising_hand_woman:

Title: Reveal: The Secret Stash
Author: Rogue Bella

Description: Silver is an notorious thief who gets into more than he bargained for when he receives a letter about a secret stash
Will he descend into madness or stay sane until the end?

  • Limited CC
  • Choices Matter
  • Short Story (3 chapters)
  • 4 Endings

I’m just waiting for approvals :grin:

Good luck everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Edit: I forgot, for more info, my IG is the.roguewriter


Hola…hope you like my story
CHAPTERS 3 chapters, more coming soon
You are rich, wealthy, famous and Bad. Then why did you moved to a new country? What is the mess crated by you? What happens when the Leader Of Mafia aka Leon Riiana falls for you? Will you be able to escape from the world of darkness?? Will you find your true chemistry?? What is the mess created by you??
•+3 Love Interests
•9 Different Endings
•Choose Your Love Interest
•FULL CC of MC and 3LI

IG @diami.ttal_writes

Small cover

Large cover