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Name: REVEAL: Hunter Moon
Author: Agatya, ig: @agatya.episode
Publish date: 1st October 2020!!

Two lovers separated by the tragic past. One month that can change the face of the world as we know it. Will they be able to come together, or are some wounds too deep to forget?

Story genre: DRAMA
Sub genre: Romance, Fantasy, Mystery

:full_moon: MALE or FEMALE MC and unique storyline for each character. If you’d like to play both branches, you’ll access unique plots and scenes!

:full_moon: SLAVIC MYTHOLOGY AND DEMONS. It’ll have super atrial creatures, but why stick to vampires and werewolves only?


:full_moon: Point systems that influence scenes and the outcome of the story.

:full_moon: **Diverse and inclusive ** unfortunately I won’t be able to offer the same sex LI in this story, but characters are of varied sexualities and of different backgrounds (no token characters, each of them have important role and their distinctive personalities)!!

:full_moon: FULL CC of MC and LI.

There is only one love interest, so if you choose to play as female MC, male MC will become your LI! I hope that it makes sense!

The story is packed with drama, so buckle up, you’re in for a wild ride!

Follow me on @agatya.episode if you’d like to see more info and sneak peaks!!

my large cover is not ready but ı will add dont worry

TITLE :P.S Dont love me
GENRE :Romance
STYLE :Lımelight
** Story Description ** Angie and Aaron are two friends going to put together a big secret, or is this big secret going to separate them forever ?

Instagram : @talzen.writes
Story Title : Reveal: Sleight of Hand
Style : LL
Link :
Description : Dwyn; where magic flows through the air and is at everyone’s fingertips. When a strange person tells you it’s all an illusion, who will you believe?

  • CC & BODY
  • M/F MC & LI

Hey do you want to do r4r with me?

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Hey do you want to do r4r with me? :blush:

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sure but ı have to read your story prob.3 or 4 hours later

Yeah sure works for me Can you send me your story link

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I will send the screenshots to your account.
Don’t read my full story if you don’t like it. Just read the 1st ch that would be more than enough for me

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whats the title


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ohh hey did you read ?

i havn’t completed it

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Hey Aria I really appreciate that you have started reading my episode but at least Read the first chapter of my episode then only it will increase my reads otherwise there is no use of doing r4r

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no why ?

I’ll read your story, but my phone is broken, and if I don’t want to read your story, I won’t read it and add it to what’s suggested.

Well ı didnt know

Sorry :slightly_smiling_face: :slightly_smiling_face: :relaxed: