Promote your Romantic Comedy / R4R

Hey so I just wanted to make a specific topic for Romantic Comedy stories
And if you wanna do R4R that’s great too
PLEASE only Romantic Comedy
No hate to the other genres though! <3
Here’s my story to check out :slight_smile:

Hi hope you’ll enjoy my story!
My story: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
Author: MKG
Genre: Romantic Comedy / some Drama
Story style: Limelight
Description: Every girl has their own story. Kiara, Willow, Samantha, and Sooyoung are 4 very different and unique girls. Follow them as they grow up and discover first love, pain and what true friendship means.
4 different races, sexualities and multiple love interests for each girl.
Episodes: 3 so far




Here’s my story!
My Story Info:
Title: Matched
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Author: Ariel C
Style : Ink
Description: Jade Lyon is the girl guys fall for, but she never falls for them. Things change when she moves back to her hometown and meets Mr. Popular, Caden Skylar. Has Jade met her match?
[This is a typical high school drama type of story but I also wanted to add more emphasis on the friends too rather than just the MC and the love interest - although that is obviously prevalent too!]
# of Episodes: 13 (and there will be more coming!)
(Also my episodes are a bit on the longer side, because personally, I like to have my episodes a bit longer rather than shorter - just a heads up!)
Instagram: @episode_ariel
(feel free to DM me on here for r4rs, to send screenshots/feedback, or just to chat!)

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I’ll add yours to my list btw bc romantic comedies are mY liFEEEE!

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Awesome I’m gonna read your story too!!

Here’s my romantic comedy.

Title: Projection!
Author: Karlon Artis
Genre: Comedy
Style: Limelight
Description: Harry Stevens is looking for his big break in the world of musical theatre. But what will it take to get there?

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Looks great! I would be willing to do a r4r with you if you would like.
Title: Sorry, Wrong Number
Chapter: 3
Genre: Thriller
Summary: “And that’s how we’ll get rid of the body. Sorry, wrong number.” When a text is sent to the wrong person, it leads to a race against time to prevent a murder. TEXT BASED