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Hello, so this is my first story! :smiley:
Story Title: Speechless
Author: Episode.Cheesecake
Style: Ink
Chapters: 3 (More to come!)
Genre: Romance and Comedy
Description: There are a million different ways to say “I love you”. Noah’s happens to be the one without words. After meeting Grace unexpectedly, Noah’s life takes a turn to another direction.



Title: Heart by Heart
Author: AndreaWrites
Genre: Fantasy / Drama / Romance
Style: Limelight
Description: It is said that the war truly started when the Kingdom of Stars fell. Depressive, but wild at heart, Margo’s been trapped in her life without knowing her true identity. Being thrown into a different world, with an ambiguous past, surrounded by people she never met and without knowing who to really trust, the girl needs an escape. But can running away come without a price? In the end friends will become foes, heads will roll and hearts will break.
Character customization / Choices matter / Three possible endings
Instagram: @andrea.epiwrites

Story: Autumn Falls.
Author: Luna.
Genre: Romance.
Style: Ink.
Chapters: 12 (ongoing)
*Mature, no CC.

As Autumn falls in love for the first time, her life begins to fall apart. As a web of dirty secrets & lies unravel, a dangerous connection between their families is discovered.

I have a new story called “Fortunately” and I’d love it if you guys could check it out!

Author: Holly Jones
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink
Includes: Character customisation and strong language
Instagram: @hollyj.episode

Description: After giving a mystery man a psychic reading, what will happen when you join the same University as him? Even you can’t see what obstacles wait ahead for you…

I’d be willing to do a read for read with you, if you’re interested!
Story: Sorry, Wrong Number
Genre: Thriller
Summary: “And that’s how we’ll get rid of the body. Sorry, wrong number.”
When a text is sent to the wrong person, it leads to a race against time to prevent a murder. TEXT BASED

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Title: Redox Reaction
Chapter: 3 ongoing
Author: Tati
Style: ink
Genre: Action romance

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Title: Fighter: Red Scars
Author: Hope/ Mélina (instagram: @HopeFrvrM)
Resume: Fighter’s sequel. Malia is completely broken and the government offers her a job. Is that really the solution?
Genre: action, drama.
Nb of episodes: 3 (more coming soon)
Covers: Made by @archangel.epy

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Title: Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
Author: Marshmallow O.
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Comedy
Summary: Experience the race against time as you and your friends try to escape the mysterious sleepover that you were invited to… Read to uncover the Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane.
Chapters: 4 (More to come)
Style: Limelight

Create your own characters and Choices Matter!:blush:

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