Promote Your Stories Here (LL) Here is mine

Title : The Alpha & The Hybrid Witch
Author : Lisa Comins Writes
Description : The Alpha is destined to be with the witch, but they must face difficult decisions. Will they stay together, or will their decisions tear them apart?
Number of episodes: 6 & more coming
Genre: Fantasy/romance
Style: Limelight
Beautiful Cover: [@meet.episode_writer on instagram or @Gurmeet on here

link to story


Hi! Thank You for this Thread! I am here to promote my new story.

Title: My Second Life
Genre/Story Theme: Fantssy, Historical Fiction, Supernatural, Drama, Romance, Isekai
Status: On-going (5 chapters)
Author: ScarletHeart (also ME)
Story Style: LIMELIGHT



Thanks so much for this thread!! This is my story:

Title: Time is Deadly
Genre: Mystery
Author: Willow
Chapters: 12 (ongoing)
Description: Ivanna Burke is the best FBI profiler in New York. What happens when she’s tasked with catching one of the most prolific serial killers she’s ever seen? Does The Times killer have other plans?



Hiya. Thank you for creating this thread.

Heres my stories:
Story : 1
:star2: :star2: :star2:
Title: The Constant Journey
Author: Mystic.Ceb
Description: Esmee has been searching for someone she lost a long time ago. With motherhood and being the top arms dealer around, she has a lot going on. Will the lost ever become the found?
Number of episodes: 12 (Season two | Episode one)
Genre: Action
Style: Limelight
My Amazing! Phenomenal cover by: TheMidJunes on forums

Link: Episode Writer Portal

Story: 2
:star2: :star2: :star2:
Title: Wishing Well
Author: Mystic.Ceb
Description: People never seem to see the darkness behind ones smile. As life seems perfect, lies start to reveal themselves. With the help of a special man will her happiness prosper?
Full CC

Number of episodes: 4 (more coming)
Genre: Action
Style: Limelight
My Amazing! Phenomenal cover by: TheMidJunes on forums


Instagram @storiesby_mystic

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Thank you for the thread, here is mine,

Title : Imperfect Heiress
Genre : Mystery, Romance
Description : As a daughter of a powerful family, her life was perfect. But one day, a tragedy forced unprepared her to lead the world’s largest corporate and uncover their secrets.
Full CC, art scenes, 1 LI, 3 endings

If you prefer fantasy, interactive choices, you can read my other story.

It’s still really new.
Title : Secret Wings
Genre : Fantasy, romance
Description : He’s struggling enough to isolate himself in Mundane World until a famous opera singer has her eyes on him. Their heart is a match! But will their fate be a match too?
Full CC, art scenes, 1LI, choice matters, mini game, multiple ending (for different characters and MC)

This is a story about fate. You have choices and a mini-game, to decide the fate of people around MC and MC/LI themself.

Author name : FRizy
Insta : @frizycorner
I would love to do r4r :blob_hearts:

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Title : Stuck a with You
Author : BexVega
Description : Daylen’s big entrance changes Siobhan’s routine. A new friendship blossoms. Everything seems to be going peachy but things get rocky when it turns out Daylen is not what he seems…

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Thank you for this thread. Please, read my stories ’Cat Paws And Wolf Claws’, ‘Little Star’ LL, ‘For HIS Sake’, and/or ‘The Runaway Groom’ LL and INK. R4R is closed at the moment (have too many stories I need to finish reading at the moment).

Number 1:

Cover Cat Paws And Wolf Claws:

Title: ‘Cat Paws And Wolf Claws’

Author: AngelWings

Instagram: @angelwings_1983

Genre: Fantasy

Style: LL

Episodes: 11 (More are following!!)

Link Cat Paws, Wolf Claws:

Description: You, a 49 year old female werecat, find an 9 year old orphan at your doorstep. What secrets will unfold, when you decide to take care of him??? No CC, Fantasy, Romance, choices… Female MC Male LI

Number 2:

:point_right: :point_right: 8 episodes, more are following:

Links The Runaway Groom:

Cover The Runaway Groom:

Description: You, a bi-male, runs away the 15th time at the aisle. What are you going to do if number 16 is the first one that ran away from you?? Male MC, Male LI, comedy, little bit of mafia and LGBTQ+

Number 3:

:point_right: :point_right: And now my pride, my baby:

Title: ‘For HIS Sake’

Author: AngelWings

Instagram: @angelwings_1983

Genre: LGBTQ+

Style: LL

Episodes: 21 (More are following!!)

Description: After a tragedy you decide to turn your life upside down. You quit your job and has one friend left. That changes when you meet him… Your LI… :wink: 18+ Male MC, Male LI CC, LGBTQ+



Small cover FHS

Number 4:

Link Little Star:

Cover Little Star:

** Description:** Your husband and you are trying to get children for years… finally she’s there… but she’s born dead… (LL) CC, Choices, 1 LI.

For a final special revamp (So, better not read it. :wink: ) :

  • Little Star INK (After revamp it’s complete)


  • The Door Is Open LL (After revamp it’s complete)


  • The Door Is Open INK (After revamp it’s complete)


  • The Search of Thomas f*ing White (LL) (Still continues after revamp…)


  • Bounded Minds (INK) (Still continues after revamp…)


  • Bounded Minds (LL) (Still continues after revamp…)


Happy reading!!

Love A-W

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Thanks for the thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Story title: Imaginary Friend
Author: Lili Star
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy
Amount of chapters: 7 for now!
Story description: Being the most unpopular boy in school, Tyler finally gets himself a friend. A friend with a secret, who nobody claims to see…
Story link: Episode Writer Portal
My Instagram: @lili_on_episode
Story covers:

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Hello. This is my first story, so I hope you like it.

Name: We Belong Together
Author: Jae27
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 12 (more coming soon)
Style: LL
Description: Cassidy is the schools queen bee who rules with an iron fist. Nathanial is a nerd new to the hive. When she finds out who he is, she re-examines herself and her relationships.

Social media accounts: None lol.

Would love to know what you think.

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Thank you for the thread :purple_heart:

Story 1

Title: See the Light
Genre: Romance/Mystery
Chapters: 11 (Complete)
Description: You awaken in an alternate universe that mirrors your hometown; except it’s completely vacant. However, a family of seven help you unravel the truth in more ways than one. [CC]

Story 2

Title: Without a Trace
Genre: Mystery/Thriller
Chapters: 9 (Ongoing)
Description: After her sister vanishes, Talulah sets out on an investigative search with the help of arcane criminology major, Avon. Will their perseverance and wit be enough to find her?

Instagram: @jcwhisper.writes


Let me know if you’re interested in a r4r. :sparkling_heart:

Title: Eat Stake
Author: Sinead O’Neill

Story Description

You exist to eliminate Athan Raynor, a dark and powerful being! The thing is though, he plans to eliminate you too… (Full cc, choices, advanced directing, free to read)

Eat Stake link

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Here’s mine
I just updated my story, I would appreciate if you read it :blob_hearts:

Title - The Magic School
Author - Silver
Insta - _silver.shade71 / _silver.epi

Genre - Fantasy/Mystery
Story Style - Limelight
Chapters - 8 (no wait)
Description - Magic, does it exist? You got to know that you’re the most powerful magical but with that comes secrets. Will you be able to handle the pressure? |CC| Games| LI

Link - (

Don’t forget to share your opinions on my insta Dm :heart:

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Dropping mine here in case you’re interested. :two_hearts:

Story: Pick Me
Author: Lemon (lemonade.writes on Insta)
Genre: Comedy
Current Episodes: 12
Description: Getting noticed by a record label is a dream come true for Daniela, an aspiring singer and 60s soul enthusiast. But working with the lead singer of a band she hates? Not so much.

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𝔼𝕡𝕚𝕤𝕠𝕕𝕖 𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕞𝕒𝕥: LIMELIGHT

𝔾𝕖𝕟𝕣𝕖: Romance

𝕊𝕥𝕒𝕥𝕦𝕤: More episodes coming soon (9 episodes currently!)

When your ex breaks your heart, would you be able to fall in love again after all he has done to you? Start reading!

𝔸𝕦𝕥𝕙𝕠𝕣: Fikkay


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Title: Turning Thirty (30)
Author: Angie
Description: 29-year-old Aaliyah turns 30 this year, but still lives at home with her parents, can’t keep a job, and has never been kissed, but all that’s is about change as she enters her 30s.
Number of episodes: 30 complete
Genre: Comedy/Romance/Drama
Style: Limelight


thanks for this thread <3


Title: The Day I Drowned
Genre: Drama
Description: On a night when everything felt impossible was when she met him. His tainted, flawed, grey world clashes with hers & one thing was certain—nothing would ever be the same again.
Status: Ongoing


Title: Dreams of the Past
Genre: Psychological thriller
Description: An alluring stranger and a ghastly girl on a pier dressed in all the rings of past fatalaties. Expect the unexpected.
Status: Complete

Title: Chronicles of a Texas Ranger.

Description A crime syndicate plagues the Metroplex, and it’s up to one man to stop it. The Texas Rangers never back down, and good wins to the bitter end.

Style Limelight

Genre Action

Number of episodes so far 8

Instagram @brendan.writes

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Hello! This is my first time writing a story and I want to thank you for giving us the opportunity to promote out stories.

My story is about solving a serial killer and maybe finding love through all of it…if you’re not dead yet…
Title: My Killer Crush
Love interests: 2
There is a point system
Story Style: Limelight
Author: blackhearts (me)
Genre: Thriller, romance
Status: On-going 4 episodes so far.
Unfortunately, the website is not letting me upload my cover for the episode :frowning:
I would love it if you checked it out, but please keep in mind this is my first episode story. Personally, I like it! Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Hello! I just posted my first story and it would mean a lot if you read and say a few words about it, thank you very much!

Story: Mary Rose
Author: Dodo (Dododuck_writes on Insta)
Genre: Romantic (but there will be a catch :wink:)
Description: 21 years old, 160 cm, 50kg, Red hair, Dark brown eyes, never feels embarassed, no doubt that she is the best assasin ever
It’s just a regular mafia story… or not

Note: Also it’s like a parody of mafia stories, or meant to be
Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Hey! This is my new story! It’s romance with drama! Vampire’s romance story! <3
Title: Taste Like Drug
Author: Theo
Episodes: 7
Genre: Romance
Description: You are a young girl, leaving what haunts you behind, starting a new life. But what happens when you meet a hot guy with dark secrets? Dangerous tracks of love comes between you…

Thank you, in advance!

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