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Hiya! Currently 10 episodes out. :smile:
Title- Hidden Behind Lies…
Author- Chy.dillon
Genre- Romance but will be abit of action
description- What happens when your dad has a past and it finally catches up to you? Nothing is what it seems…
story link_

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Name: The Ember Moon Pack
Description: You’re the Queen of the Supernaturals. What’ll happen when you find out that your mate is your pack’s enemy, and your kidnapper? CC ChoicesMatter
Chapters: technically 3 bc ch 2 is customization
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Limelight
Instagram: emberpackepisode
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Hey tanks for this thread!

Here’s mine! hope someone can read it!

Title: The Nation D
Author: P Marroquín
Genre: Fantasy/Adventure/Romance
Style: Limelight
Number of episodes: 4 (ongoing)
Description: A dead girl is your only way out from the place where you’re trapped, what is your new destination? And what dark secrets does it hide? Will you finally find answers to your past?

Hi and thank you for the thread!

My story is called Revival.

Heres the description!

The story is about Lillian Hayes, who is a professional criminal in a futuristic society. Lillian lives at The Circle, a home for thieves and rebels who resist the new dictatorship government. Love, family drama, action and plot twists; find it all in Revival! It would mean the world to me if you would check it out :slight_smile:

Instagram: episode__grace
Style: Ink
Author: Grace

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I’m ready for a read for read :slight_smile:
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Title : Paradise
Author : Maggy
Genre : Fantasy
Style : Limelight
Number of episodes : 5 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode
Description : Fidelia is about to become a Goddess, she has to follow the prophecy. Fidelia is strong and independent, fun, and a crazy party girl. Will she accept her faith?
Link : 1


Hey! Here are my stories!


Title: Fantastical: Flora
Author: Mina
In-app description: In a world where magic is banned, Flora finds herself sacrificing everything to help a group of rebels to overthrow a ruthless and tyrannical king.
Full summary: Flora has lived in the palace her whole life, working as a handmaiden for the princess. The only thing she knows about the world beyond the city gates is that it is beautiful - and dangerous. For a hundred years, magic folk have been ostracised and killed by laws enforced by the cruel king and his ancestors, and people are starting to fight back. When an opportunity arises for Flora to leave the city for the first time, she is immediately drawn into the battle for justice and equality, and discovers the truth about her estranged father while fighting for her life.

CHOICES MATTER!!! Your choices will literally determine who lives or dies, and the fate of magic folk in Flora’s kingdom! You can also customise Flora and choose her sexuality (though romance isn’t a huge part of the story, and you can even choose not to be with anyone at all in the end)


Story title: Scandalous
Author’s Name: Mina
Genre: Drama/mystery
Description of the story: After the murder of her best friend, Catalina uncovers secrets that change everything she thought she knew, and clues that could lead her to the killer before they strike again.

My FIRST story
Title: She was the player
Aurthor: Teah
Genre: Romance
Description: She was the high schhol player. Till she met the new kid.
I am thinking about making another one after story is finished but showing her beginning.


I’d love for you to go read my Fantastical contest entry! It would be greatly appreciated and I promise the two passes you’d use would totally be worth it!! :sparkles: :hearts:

If anyone wants to do a read for read, let me know!

Story Details:

  • Title: Fantastical: Realm Revived
  • Author: Kim L
  • Description:

Dawn, my dear, with gifts ethereal,
To you belongs the Crown Imperial,
Remember to ever heed this lyrical:
“A realm may fall to its demise,
But after the dawn,
It may still rise.”

Dawn discovers a whole new realm with new possibilities and threats. She realises quickly that trust is hard to earn and those closest are really the ones she should keep furthest away.

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Style: Ink
  • Chapters published: 3 (ONGOING)

  • Link: :arrow_down:

my main instagram (KIM L)

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Thank you for starting this thread! I will check out your stories.

This is my story:

Title: The Essentia Chronicles
Author: Tldax913
Style: Ink
Genre: fantasy
Description: Kadence is a powerful essence with a troubled past. Will she be able to embrace her power in time to save her realm or will darkness consume her?
Link: HTTP://
Instagram: tldax913.episode
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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This is my first story on Episode, It would mean a lot if I can have some feedback <3 <3

Title: Fantastical: Ticket to Paradise
Author: Love S.
Chapters: 3
Completed?: No
Review?: That’ll be great :smile:
After your soul gets sucked into heaven and you become an angel, you’re eternal job is to guide rebellious teenagers.

Story link:

Hi Amortsefanny,

I would love to review your story. Are you open to a pm review? I don’t want to blow up the post.

Hi TLdax913,

I would love to review your story! Can I pm you the review, as I don’t want to blow up the post?

Absolutely :smiley: Thank you so much <3

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Of course! Thank you! I will look out for your message!
Have a great night! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi there! Nice to meet you ~

Name of story: 911: Call Me If You Can
Author: Lark Noah
Genre: Thriller
Style: Ink
Chapters: 13
“My name is Michael Clayton. And I was kidnapped.”
What will you do? Each choice matters. Save his life.
Or kill him.

My Instagram account: l.noah_episode

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile: Dream_Job_Call_Me_If_You_Can_posterThumb_9SOJ1uRAP3

Hey everybody! Here is my first story!

Check it out here:

Thank you!

Hi! Here is my story for fantastical contest. Please, give my story a read! :slight_smile:
I’d love to hear your opinions, no matter positive or negative :slight_smile:

Title: "Fantastical: Behind The Rain"
Author: FieryTenderness
Style: Ink
Genre: Fantasy
Description: One day she appeared under the rain out of nowhere. Another day she dissolved in the rain just on his eyes. Will Tobias return his love and reveal the truth hidden behind the rain?
Visit Is rain an ordinary thing? Not that ordinary, believe me! :) to find more information. :slight_smile:

This is my contest entry. I hope you’ll like it! Any advice is 100% appreciated!

Story name: Fantastical: Ai
Description: Escaping from Lucifer’s clutches, Ai seeks help from the angels. Being brought to earth by the queen for protection, she lands in Anna’s house, who wanted nothing to do with her.
Style: Ink

Heyyy a lil shameless story plug lol :kissing_heart:

Title: Fantastical: Marvella
Author: Europa
Episodes: 3
Style: Limelight
Status: Incomplete
Genre: Fantasy (Fantastical Contest)