Promote your story and I will read them

This story sounds awesome with choices and mini games in it!

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Awe really? Thank you!! :sob::heart:

Hey! Here’s my story if you’re willing to give it a shot!
Title: Reveal: Murphy’s Law
Author (me) : MatchaTae
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 3 (I’ll release more eventually)
Style: Limelight
Description: Putting on a murder mystery play with your friends is all very fun, until you find out something that will tear your group apart.
Everyone is guilty of something…
…but what?
Hope you enjoy it if you decide to read!

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Thank you! I hope you enjoy it when you do get the chance to read it. :heart:

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Hi! I’m an episode author and artist. My second story’s name is Allure Me.

Description: Murders, disappearances? Who’s causing all of this? And are you going to escape from it with him? LL, CC, Choices matter.

Genre: Romance, mystery, drama and a bit of comedy.

The link:

For any further questions u can dm me on instagram @arts__and_more :blush:

Author: Alyna M
Title: Who’s She
Genre: Romance/Drama
Episodes: 9 out (more to come!)
Description: They hate her. He loves her. She was the outcast. He was the golden boy. She put his baby brother in a coma. Now she’s back home better than ever… and he’s plotting his revenge.

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Author: Miaj.writes
Title: With you went all of me
Genre: Drama/Romance
Episodes: 3 (more coming)
Synopsis: Famous fashion designer Florence Fiore’ gets the surprise of her life when her ex and his fiancé walk into her company wanting her to design the dress.
A story filled with love but also hatred, will Florence dig to find out more about her breakup when she learns there’s more to the story or will she let it go? (FULL CC)

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It’s not my story but I suggest

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Author Daisy Rodriguez Episode


She Lost Her Faith

Genre: Mystery/Drama a little bit of Fantasy/Romance


Story Description: Dulce lost everything she had in life she lost her mother and Dulce doesn’t believe in love anymore Dulce doesn’t believe in faith anymore :pensive: but little does she never thought she will see something that was happening :blush: 2 Love interests all these characters will be customize also yes all the twins and four triplets never met each other and Laila is trying to find all her grandchildren but she only have find one of her grandchildren yes all her grandchildren have match birthmark, bracelets grandchildren of Laila are Abraham funny, sweet and Armando he doesn’t trust people always rude he really lost this only thing he love so much about someone and Alyssa sweet, nice, friendly and Azalea shy, nice, friendly, are the four triplets and they have half siblings twins they’re Emeline nice, always talk back she hate her annoying twins brother and Emmanuel is a bit always joking around but last least Lenny is always a flirt but he have a heart

2 love interest but you can’t change their eyes color

5 chapter is out still going

I’ll do read 4 read :grinning::smile:

CC: yes but only thing is you can’t change is all of the eyes color

Style: Limelight

Sound & music: Yes both

Choice: no their no choice but just was clothes only and hair style


heya, i just published my story. i’d love it if you checked it out :))

Title: Mission Crimmunus

Author: @talesbyagathi

Genre: Adventure.

Episodes: 3, more coming soon.

Description: After a casual Friday night goes wrong, a group of teens get stuck in a video game. The mission is simple: fight off the bad guy and get out. It can’t be 𝙩𝙝𝙖𝙩 easy… right?




Thank you for this thread! This is my reveal entry!!
Title: Reveal: The Side I never Knew

By: Amanda Candies

Instagram: ac_.episode

Genre: Drama and Action

Episodes: 3 (Complete)

Description: Aaliyah is the most well-known person in town, mainly because her dad is the Police Chief. What happens when she and the rest of the town find out that she has a flaw.


[The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Reveal: The Side I Never Knew](

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Thank you for the thread :)) :blob_hearts: :innocent: Here is my story.

Title: The Moonchild Guardian

Genre: Fantasy :dragon: and a bit of romance :rose:

Author: @white.dragon_episode

Chapters: up to chap. 4

Description: You vanish from the Mundane and end up in the world you actually have always belonged. A new life is up to you, but your destiny might has already been traced…

Characters: M.C (customization and choose the name), 3 LI :two_hearts: with customization (one girl and two boys), I major enemy. *One of the LI will appear much later :))

Specifications: Point system, choices matters (some might matter more then others)

Here is the link

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Here’s mine my story thanks for this thread

Title- Breaking Boundaries


Description- Noelle, a cheerleader who’s passionate about football, wants to prove that football isn’t just for the boys.
Will she be able to break the boundaries?


IG- @faithxprincessx

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This actually sounds interesting and I like how you set the story about what is happening in the real life about covid


Can’t wait to read this dective war story it sounds fun

Hi! These are my two stories that I have written: Little Lies and Wasted . I have written Wasted in both limelight and classic, so enjoy whichever you prefer! It would mean so much to me as a new writer! Thank you :slight_smile:

Title: Little Lies
Author: Ellie
Genre: Romance/drama
style: limelight
Description: So, you’ve fallen for your best friend’s brother. But what happens when she forbids you from dating him? Can you keep this little lie?
ig: @els.episode

Title: Wasted
Author: Ellie
Genre: romance/drama
style: Limelight (version in classic also)
Description: When Tabi moves to a new college, everything changes. Will she fall in love? Will secrets be revealed? Sometimes, things are not as they seem.
ig: @els.episode
Links: (LL) (Classic)

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Hi, thank you for this thread! Here’s my Reveal entry, thank you! :yellow_heart:

Title: Reveal: Timeline
Author: MitsuKi
IG Username: @ js_mits
Genre: Drama, Mystery
Even at the brink of death, Cherise is determined to save her King. Little did she knew, the truth will shake her heart and everything she had believed in. (LL, Full CC)


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I will definitely read your story and you story seems fun to enjoy with all the bad events