Promote your story and I will read them

Hi! I just published my story and I would really love to read other stories in return! :heart:
Title: Don’t get Infected
Author: Anne Popa
Genre: Action
Description: Trying to live a normal life after the global warming and a virus going on? Not to forget that The Republic is keeping some secrets. Will you manage to uncover them?
Cover :

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Tysm for this thread AND best of luck with your story, hun! I would really appreciate if anybody could check out my story and give it a chance! :sunflower:
I’m open for r4r if anybody is interested! :blush:

Anyhoo Here Are My Story Details!!! -->

Title: Blinding Beauty

Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 4 (more episodes coming soon!)
Arts Scenes Included :blob_hearts:

DESCRIPTION: Her intelligence Is Dangerous. Her Beauty Is Lethal. I Was Not Like The Other Girls. Which Is Where El Tigre Made His Mistake.



MAIN CHARACTERS: :star_struck:
Camila : Don’t underestimate her. She’s not what she seems. Behind that beautiful face lies a dangerous woman.
Alejandro ( El Tigre) : Crime lord, crosses paths with a woman with a beauty so pure. She’s nothing he has ever seen. But you know what they say the most beautiful are the most dangerous…

Check Out My Instagram: @valentina_.episode

*For sneak peeks, NEW art covers and scenes, updates, and more!!!
*Cover made by the talented @morenitaar

Love you all and tysm for all the support!

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Thanks for this thread :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title : The Detective Diaries
Genre : Mystery
Style : Limelight
Link :
Description : You are sent to Greece for a mission. There you meet a hot irresistible guy. Will you be able to focus on your mission? What’s gonna happen when you discover a horrifying secret?

Episode account : O.livia
Ig handle : @olivia.stories_

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Please check out my story when you have the chance. My instagram is @alicec.episode and my author name is Alice. C 1.5

Title: Their Epitome of Emotionless
Genre: Drama
Chapters: 19 (1 more episode until fully released)
Style: Limelight
CC: Limited
Plot: They’re both emotionless and numb for different reasons. What happens when they cross paths with one another in the most unexpected way they could ever imagine?
Small Cover:

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Thank you for this thread! Do give my story a try, who knows you might like it :purple_heart:

Title : Bullet to the Heart
Author : Eeviee
Genre : Drama/Action/Romance
Episodes : 20 (updates weekly)
Description :
Two broken souls lost trust and beliefs in true love. What will happen if someone were to open up your heart once more, and that person happens to be your target? [1 LI, LL, CC, Art Scenes]

Instagram : @eeviee.stories
Link :

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Hi, what an interesting setting and plot! I’d definitely read this. :blush:

Here is mine,
If you like to sit back and relax…hehe :grin: with…

  • College:: Sorority:: RomCom story
  • Experience sorority’s life & college life, friendship, hotties, and parties.
  • Being a new DELTA MU TAU president?! Who’s know? Let’s see if you pick the right choice! and beat that typical mean Queen B, Ellie…and claim your new president title!
    Win or Lose is UP TO YOU!
    The choice is yours!
    You are MC and smart character :wink:

Sorority Game
Genre : RomCom
Style : Limelight + Full CC + Choices matter + 3 love interested + College + Sorority + 5 different endings (up to you) :blush:
COMPLETED story , 16 chapter

Click here! for reading Sorority Game

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Here’s my story: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title: Squad:Roadtrip
Genre: Horror (includes mystery and romance,although you won’t be forced to be romantic with anyone if you don’t want to)
Style: Limelight
IG username: may.i.writeepisode

This was supposed to be a short road trip into the woods with your old high school squad, but the place wants you to stay and uncover ALL it’s gory secrets.

Some features:

  • LGBTQ+
  • 6 LI’s (male & female)
  • choose your sexuality
  • point system
  • Very important choices!
  • CC


Some screenshots


A story about 2 girls fighting over a boy!
Love it!
Thanks for trying out my story, it means alot to me Xxx

This story sounds tense I like it and I love your title sealed with a kiss!

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This story seems exciting becuase there is drama in the story and there is some mystery, to make you want to read the story even more!

There is so much drama in it already by reading what the story is about, can’t wait to read your story!

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Hey! Thank you so much for doing this!

My story: Tempting

Genre: Romance

Description: Being a rich one-hit-wonder having a bad breakup can lead you to some bad circumstances and Chicago’s most eligible bachelor. What happens when the two of you collide? LL/CC/CM

Insta: @tiff_episode


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Hopefully you can check it out :slight_smile:

Description: Reyna had everything but one night changes everything, she must marry a powerful man to save her family.


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I just started reading, and I love this story so much :sob:

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Ah thanks so much!

Thank you! I hope you’ll like it :pleading_face::heart:

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Thank you for this thread! I tried looking for your story in the app, but it doesn’t show, any chance you could drop me the link @Ellenxoxo? :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Anyway, here’s my story!

Reveal: Hunter Moon by @agatya.episode
Genre : Drama, Romance, Fantasy
Description : Two lovers separated by the tragic past. One month that can change the face of the world as we know it. Will they be able to come together, or are some wounds too deep to heal?

LL, Full CC for MC and LI, one LI, choice of MC - each MC comes with their unique scenes and storyline only available to them.

The story takes place in a different world and is filled with Slavic mythological creatures!

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Heyyy ty 4 the thread.
Ill check ur story out once im done w/ my exams this week :running_woman:

Title: Smoke Then Lollipops


My insta @Episode_80 ~💫

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Here is my link

Title Secrets

Author Your._.girl. _.kay

Chapters Three more coming soon!

Genre Drama/Romance

Style Limelight

Description Kaylee Smith is a goody two shoes that doesn’t trust most.What happens when she finds out most of her life was a lie and everyone she trusted was keeping secrets from her?



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