PROMOTE YOUR STORY (and Please read my first story ever! ) willing to do read4read :)



Yes I am :slight_smile: I will read the first 3 chapters and then send you a screenshot. I May or may not read more. Can u please do the same?


hi! i will check out your first 3 chapters and then send you a screenshot. i may or may not read more :slight_smile: i would love it if you could do the same


sounds great!!


No problem :slight_smile:
I’ll read your story today :wink:


I’ve read your story :slight_smile:
Here’s the screenshot:


thank you! Here you go :slight_smile:



Here’s my story info! I will read your story! Feel free to provide feedback.

Title : College Days: The Murders at Riverview University
Author : Heather
Genre : Mystery/Horror
Description : It’s your first day of college. New, bright opportunities await you, but there’s just one problem. Students are being murdered, one by one… Will you be the next victim?
Story Link:



I just published my first stoy ever!
Title: Imperfectus
Author: JanuaRiver
Style: LL
Link of Story:

It’s my first story so… :sweat_smile:
(Is it so obvious that I don’t know how to promote it??)


Thanks :blush:


Hey there I’ve read your Story for R4Rs :grin::grin::grin: It was reaaaally good!!! Love the neutral comedy and fun loving warmth and innocence of June…