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Here’s my first story that I just uploaded!

Title: King’s Queen
Genre: Romance
Style: LL
Description: Mateo, the millionaire dollar bachelor, rules over Florida and no one dares to go against the KING’s word. But when Stina stumbles into Mateo’s life, everything changes. Is Stina ready to open her old wounds and find the truth about who she is, or will she try to ignore her calling and disappear like her father once did… or was it her mother that disappeared after all?

my ig is nes.writes if anyone’s interested


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Genre: Fantasy/Romance/Mystery/Action

INSTAGRAM: @daemaris.epi

“Him: Hm, I can feel that you are just an ordinary dirty human. I sense nothing special about you, to be exact. What are you doing in this world full of creatures, aren’t you lost little doe?”
Her name is DEIANEIRA. And she will be not another flower! Picked for her beauty and thrown out to die.But She will be WILD, hard to find and IMPOSSIBLE to forget. (Original qute: Erin Van Vuren)

THERE: (will be limited CC/is not yet) (1LI - may be one more as a female in the future)

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The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Unconditionally

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Title: Unconditionally by decemberdreamer

(MC) Lara Green moves to New York to escape her past. What happens when that past follows her. She meets Damon Gray (LI). Will he save her?
(roomate story, gang rivalry, bad boy)

romance, drama, mystery

please check it out. I will do read for reads!

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