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Hey, guys just wanted to start a thread and give us all an opportunity to share our stories!

Check out my story The Hybrid Rises!

It’s in Limelight, has one love interest, and will have art scenes as we go further into the story.
Currently has 9 chapters available!
Is a combination of drama, fantasy and romance!

Captive all her life Kally escapes and takes a chance in California. What happens when she crosses paths with Dustin Reynolds? Will she be safe or will her past demons follow?




Hiii here’s my story :slight_smile:


Hey thanks for this thread. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
Here’s my story
TITLE : It’s Impenetrable
AUTHOR : Khushboo
GENRE :Drama
DESCRIPTION :Amelia has been running away from her past, but what happens when it follows her and destroys her happiness? Will she be able to sustain it or will it consume her? (CC, 2LI)


Hey, Thank you so much for doing this :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::heart:

Title: Reveal: Sealed with a Kiss
Genre: Drama, Romance, Mystery
Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)
Description: Working as a criminal lawyer, Aria is more than happy with her normal life. What‘ll happen when she gets thrown into a world full of glitz and glamour overnight?
Instagram: @tsukino.creates


The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: Reveal: Sealed with a Kiss


f you’re into murder mysteries, you should check out my story :two_hearts:

Instagram: @epi.sam.writes

Title: The Art of Criminal Profiling

Genre: Mystery

Style: Limelight

Chapters: 4 and more coming soon

Can Valentina, a successful FBI agent, decode a series of bone chilling mysteries before it’s too late? If not, she may just lose everything and everyone she cares about.

Full customization other than not being able to change the MC’s skin color. Both LIs are fully customizable.

There are numerous point systems with choices that matter.

Mini games and sound are incorporated into the story.

Hope you check it out :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The Art of Criminal Profiling

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Thanks for the thread💕 This is my story.

Story Title: Something About You LL

Author: Soupy

Style: Limelight

Chapters: 4

Genre: Romance with a little drama

Description: Social outcast Rosslyn prefers hiding her secret rock star identity. What will happen when the popular Ben discovers it? Will their hatred grow or will they get to know each other?

Insta: soupy.writes

Hi thanks for this thread!!!
Here is my story info!!!

Title: Reveal: The Redo
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 4 more coming soon
Genre: Drama/Romance
Plot: A marriage you left in the past leads to a secret that threatens your future. Being 19 isn’t easy, but it’s even harder when you’re 36. Can you keep your double life a secret? Full CC, some choices matter.

Thank you for the thread!

Title : False Façades
Genre: Mystery
Episodes: Six
Author: Nala
Instagram: nala.episode
Follow Kennedy as she unearths the truth behind her mother’s murder with help from a handsome stranger and an old flame. Fully customizable characters, two love interests, and choices matter!
Recommended For: Fans of romance, mystery, whodunits, and everything in-between.

Story name:

High on Love and Formaldehyde

AUTHOR: Liz & Mar

GENRE: Romance/Drama

Chapters So Far: 12

STYLE: Limelight

IG: @ liz_mar.episode

DESCRIPTION: Working at a morgue is what Eliana loves but when her life gets darker than her job, she’ll need all the support she can get. Who’ll bring back the light in the dark?

CC, LL, Art


If you would like to do a r4r pm me and tell me how many chapters you would want to do.

Certain scenes ask to play specific songs as you red.
The playlists are available on our IG bio link.

Hi! You could give my story a try. :slight_smile:

Title: Unconditionally (FULL CC, CM)

Author: Pragya

Description: Sass-Queen, Almeira looks at love like it’s a plague. Will her arch-nemesis, Asher’s return change that? Does she have it in her to love someone unconditionally? (Rom-com, CC, LL, Choices Matter)

There is one Main LI, so more scenes w him by default. I also have a secondary LI basically for people who like reading stories w more than one LI. But he is only secondary in the sense that most scenes w him will totally be depended upon your choices :slight_smile:

Genre: Romance/Rom-com



Complete/Incomplete: 13 Chapters (Ongoing)

Instagram: @pragya.episode


Aw, this is great :slight_smile:

Story Title: The Huntsman’s Curse
Genre: Fantasy/adventure/romance
Author: LG
Description: Ember’s life is turned upside down when she must become a knight to protect the king. What happens when she meets a huntsman with a heart for revenge? [CC, LL, Choices Matter]
Story link:
My Instagram: @episode.LG

@Jackie20episode @molly247 @khushboo @Tsukino_94 @sammifred456 @Liz_Mar.episode & @pragya.episode

who made ur covers? could uu possibly link their art shop or tag them? im looking for a cover artist for my ldr entry :blob_hearts: & i really like the art uu guys got done !


Her Instagram is @lina_epy her work is great you should definitely check it out!

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Mine was created by @aadesignzz on Instagram :blob_hearts: :blob_hearts: @syddstories

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Tysm for this thread! Best of luck with your story hun, I would really appreciate if anybody could check out my story as well! :sparkles:

THIS STORY INCLUDES: Hot & Dark Romance, Mature Language, ART SCENES, bad@ss attitudes, and a bit of Spanish :wink:

Anyhoo Here Are My Story Details!!! -->

Title: Blinding Beauty

Trust me this is NOT your usual mafia story… :fire:

Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 4 (more episodes coming soon!)
Arts Scenes Included :blob_hearts:

DESCRIPTION: Her intelligence Is Dangerous. Her Beauty Is Lethal. I Was Not Like The Other Girls. Which Is Where El Tigre Made His Mistake.



MAIN CHARACTERS: :heart_eyes: :fire:
Camila : Don’t underestimate her. She’s not what she seems. Behind that beautiful face lies a dangerous woman.
Alejandro ( El Tigre) : Crime lord, crosses paths with a woman with a beauty so pure. She’s nothing he has ever seen. But you know what they say the most beautiful are the most dangerous…

Check Out My Instagram: @valentina_.episode

*For sneak peeks, NEW art covers and scenes, updates, and more!!!
*Cover made by the talented @ladiablitaart on IG!!!

Love you all and tysm for all the support!

EDIT!! New art cover coming soon…

My cover was made by the very talented @bourbon_coffee as a part of her giveaway prize🥰 Her Instagram is @bourbon_coffee

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Thank you for the thread beautiful.

Her IG is @shan_artist

I’ll check it out!
Here’s my story!

Title: Be My Princess
Author: Rahdia
IG: th3punkprincess08.episodeart
Chapters: 1-21 (ongoing)
Full CC, Choices
Genre: Drama/Romance, etc…
Story: In this modern day era kings and queens still rule. You find out that you must marry the crown prince… Will you pull through or will you change the monarchy for the better?

Hi, thank you for this thread! Here’s my Reveal story, I’d appreciate it if you would check it out! It’s in LL and has full CC :yellow_heart:

Title: Reveal: Timeline
Author: MitsuKi
IG Username: @ js_mits
Genre: Drama, Mystery, Fantasy
Even at the brink of death, Cherise is determined to save her King. Little did she knew, the truth will shake her heart and everything she had believed in. (LL, Full CC)