Promote your story here! Willing to do R4R

I’m trying to get more reads on my story. Willing to do R4R!

Title: Losing Control
Author: Jessie
Genre: Romance, Drama
Summary: Law student Nora finds herself falling in love with the son of New Orleans’ most notorious gang leader despite her better judgement. How serious will the consequences be?
Chapters: 6 (More to come)
Style: Limelight


I’m up to r4r!
My story:

Title: doom: Hellish Wasteland
Style: LimeLight
Genre: Adventure but it’s also fantasy hehe
Description: You are the chosen one. Make the right choices and maybe you’ll be able to save your world. [This story has a female MC, male and females LIs, CC, point system and choices matters]

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i have one more to read then i can do yours. Send me screenshots when you’re done and I’ll do the same!

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Hi, I’d like to do a r4r with you :slight_smile:

Title - The Only Exception

Author - Amelia

Instagram - @ameliamason.episode

Genre - Romance/Drama

Style - Limelight

Number of Episodes - 5 (to be continued)

Description - Raised by parents in a loveless marriage, Alice grew up believing that she could never stay in love. Can her walls ever be broken? Or will her cynical attitude chase everyone away?

Link -

I’d love to r4r! :hugs:
So here’s my story:
Title: Reality behind Glasses
Genre: Drama, Romance
Episodes: 3 (more coming soon)
Description: Layla returns back home to reunite with her childhood friends - disguised as a guy! But on her first day in school, she’s exposed by one of her classmates! [LL,CC, Art,Choices M]
Style: Limelight


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Hey I’m wanna do R4R :blush:
Title: Your Heart My Heart
Author: Lea the Lion
Genre: Drama, Romance
Style: Ink

Description: Michelle has never been in love but when she meets a boy with secret past who ends up being her new classmate, things start to go upside down. Will her life be the same as before? NO CC
Chapters 1-2 are out (3rd is revamping and it’s locked)

Title: Swiping Right
Description: After Aubrey had left her ex boyfriend she decides to explore her sexuality. Doing so she meets Haruna, and her left changes drastically.

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I’m down R4R

My Account: InsaneMike360
Title: Secrets of the Darkest Desire
Genres: LGBT, Mystery, Romance, Thriller
Description: Students from different Academies around the world volunteer to sign up for a class that is actually rather dangerous. But, they have no idea…
Style: LimeLight
Choices: Custom choice
Episodes: 3 (continuing at 50 reads if people think it’s worth it lol)

Story Link:

Hey! Interested in an r4r😅
Fill this form out so I won’t forget or lose your story
Instagram: @clove.write
Story Name:Lovely Betrayal
Author: Clove
Chapters Released: 16
Style: LL
Genre: drama
Description : After the brutal murder of their parents, Sophia and her sister try to start a new life. She meets a handsome, arrogant stranger. Will S resist his charms or fall into temptation?

Cover :

Hey, I’m down for a r4r
But I have troubles sending screenshots.
Once I’ve read 3 chapters and above, I will send you a pm here.

Here is my brand new story!

Title: Love Me Again?
Author: Lynn Ann
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance, and with a little drama and mystery
Description: You have always been alone. You had once fell in love with a simple guy, but soon he broke your heart. A year later, he wants you back, so will you love him again?
No. of chapters: 3 (more to come)
Updates: Maybe 1 chapter per week
Length of each chapter: Longer than my first one, maybe around 10 to 15 minutes per chapter

Link to Love Me Again?:

Looking forward to read yours, and I hope you will enjoy reading my story.

Title: Love and Grief
Author: DogLover990
Genre: Mystery, Romance
Summary: Ash mourns the death of her boyfriend Ben and she has no idea what happened to Ben and why he unexpectedly died. Then, she goes out to find answers about Ben.
Chapters: 7 (Story’s complete)
Style: Ink

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I am up for r4r
Here is my story
Title: Looking for Skylar
Author: AlaLala
Genre: Mystery
Episodes: 5 (more coming soon)
Summary: You wake up covered in blood and you can’t remember who you are nor what happened to you. Will you ever remember? (character customization)
Style: Limelight
Link :

I’ll do rfr with anyone!!

Story: Not Who We Were
Author: Pippin
Style: Ink
Genre: Comedy (Romance/Drama)
Description: Senior Gabrielle Bannon is one year away from going to her dream college. All she has to do is avoid all distractions, including her childhood crush. Should be easy, right?

My Instagram is @/pippin.episode if you want to send ss through there!:smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Wow! I love your cover! It’s so cool!

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I’ll do a rfr with you! Do you have an Instagram? (It’ll be easier to send ss there)

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No I’m sorry I don’t have Instagram, sorry. But same, I’ll do a R4R with you too! :slight_smile:

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What’s your story called btw so we can do a R4R?

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Aw thanks girl! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Np! :grin:

I posted everything in this thread above your comment! It has all the info and the link🥰What about yours?

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