Promote your story here! (With feedback)

Hi guys! I’ve seen many threads about promoting the stories but I decided to create my own :slight_smile: I’m a new author on Episode and have just published my first story about romance, challenge and adventure - The Deal :fire: If you would like me to read your story, please put some info about it here :slight_smile: I would be very happy if you also read mine and tell me your opinion about it! :slight_smile:

Here’s mine:
Title: The Deal
Author: Katherine94
Genre: Romance
Episodes: 3 (on going)
Ig: @katherine94.episode
Description: Dalia lost all the people she loved. Everything changes when she moves to her best friend in California and meets Dean - adrenaline addict.

Promise to give you an honest opinion and publish screenshots from your stories :slight_smile: I would be grateful for doing the same :heart: Hope you’ll enjoy!
Also, if you have an instagram you can always share it here as well!

Oh, btw, I usually read 2 chapters of each story :wink:


Sure! let’s do it.

Here’s my story:

Name: Grimoire

Waking up in a new age, with no memories of her past life; Diasphora starts a journey of adaptation full of danger, action and romance, while she recovers her memories. What will happen when she discovers the truth?

Chapters : 4 (ongoing)

Genre: Fantasy/Drama/Action/Romance

Style: Limelight

This is the link of my story:

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Thank you Raven :heart: I’ll start reading in a moment :slight_smile:

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Thank you for making this thread, I will add your story to my read list (I’ve got quite a few). Are you able to read mine as well please? :blush: x

Title: Out Of Your League
Author: Keeko
Genre: Romance, drama & mystery
Summary: Austin Drake; He’s smug, arrogant and a bit ruthless. He also makes for the perfect distraction. Will the league book change your perspective, or will it only lead to destruction?
Chapters: 3, but 4 will be out once overlays & backgrounds have been approved.

Title: Bad Behavior
Author: Liyah
Genre: Drama
Episodes: 4 (more to come)
Summary: follow alana and her best friends on this crazy journey while they try to find their goal path and avoid bad behavior.
Style: Limelight


Thank you for this thread! I would be interested in doing a r4r with you if you would like :heart:
Story: Sorry, Wrong Number
Genre: Thriller
Summary: “And that’s how we’ll get rid of the body. Sorry, wrong number.”
When a text is sent to the wrong person, it leads to a race against time to prevent a murder. TEXT BASED

i’d love to do a r4r if you’re interested!

Title: Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane
Author: Marshmallow O.
Genre: Mystery, Romance, Comedy
Style: Limelight
Summary: It’s a race against time as you and your friends try to escape the mysterious sleepover that you were invited to… Read to uncover the Mystery on Hanging Hill Lane.


I’m changing my current one, so this will be my new one soon enough! :grin:

Chapters: 4 (More to come)

Create your own characters and Choices Matter!:blush:

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I’ve read 2 chapters so far and I must say that the plot is interesting and unique! :heart: I’m not a great fan of fantasy (I used to read more of it few years back) but I’m sure that any true fan will be interested in reading it as well :heart: I’ll continue reading as I’m curious what will happen to Diasphora :o Hope nothing bad! Thank you for sharing! I hope you’ll enjoy The Deal :blush:

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I’ll check out the story The Deal :grin:

Sure! I’ll be happy to read :slight_smile:

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Thank you for sharing! Added to the ‘to read’ list :heart:

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Awesome, I’ll have yours read by the end of the day x

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Great! Thank you for sharing :heart: I’ll read the story asap :blush:

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Sure Dear! I’ll be happy to read your story :heart:

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Thank you Kortney! I really appreciate! Hope you like it :heart: If you’re also a writer feel free to share your story here :blush:

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I’ll read yours now :blush:

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My story: Trust the Love
Author: Misslibra
Title: Trust the Love
Instagram: misslibra3582
Genre: Romance (and a little comedy, too.)
Style: Ink
Trusting in love is easier said than done.
Stubborn Cassie and serious Jackson find themself is the battle of finding true love
Go along with this intense and impactful love story.image

Hello, we could do a read for read if you want ? :slight_smile:

But first: For a guaranteed feedback fill in the form

Link below :

Here is the description of my story :

Author : Maggy

Genre : Romance/Fantasy
Style : Limelight
Number of episodes : 3 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode

Description : Jiselle loves her grandmother’s intriguing fantasy story about a world called ‘Neverland’ that she wishes to discover. Will her wish comes true? Find out!

Link :

I just read chapter 1 of The Deal, and I do have to say it’s really good. I am actually AMAZED. Is this your first episode story? Wow! I’m going to go watch the other two chapters.

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Thank you for sharing Dear! I’ll definitely read your story :heart:

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