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Hi, I just wanted to share my story and I would be interested in a R4R :grinning:
Title: Dark Secrets
Author: Mary Jean
Genre: Fantasy
Story Style: Ink
Description: An ordinary girl but no ordinary secrets. Join the journey as she discovers who she really is and the supernatural secrets will be revealed.
Customisation: Yes, in episode 1
Episodes: 7 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram: @maryj.epi
Small cover:


Hey I’m down for a R4R :slight_smile:

Story: Twisted Fate
Style: Ink
Episodes: 4 (more coming soon!)

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My story:)

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Willing to do a read for read with anyone if interested. You don’t have to but if you want to do a read for read with me, please sign up on the attached form. It helps me keep my reads in order! :kissing_heart:

Thank You!!

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Hello! I’m trying to my story out there so it can be seen by other people on episode and I’m still coding , would you like to do a r4r?

Hello! Would you like to do a read for read with me??

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Hi I’d love to, what’s your story called and how many chapter do you want to do?

Hey my username is HolzPlayz and my story is called ‘My Summer’ and the reason I can’t put the link is because I’m doing this on my phone but I code on my laptop :heart: I don’t mind how many chapters x

How do I Find your story ? How many chapter do you have? Do you have Instagram?

On episode there is a magnifying glass thing at the top right and you can search either ‘My Summer’ or ‘HolzPlayz’ which is my username , I have only published 3 chapters at the moment, I’m working on the 4th and no I don’t have insta x

Ok can you send screenshot to me when you finished?

Hi! I’m willing to do R4R, if you’re up for it!

Tittle: Taken: Dead or Alive (INK)
Author: xoRoséxo
Genre: Drama/Action
Chapters: 10
Description: Rose & Sophia Beaumont are tough to handle. But what if one is taken and another one has been targeted to kill? Will they able to stay strong? Or love will get in their way? #mafiaworld#girlpower
Instagram: xoroses.episode

Rose&Sophia.jpg1242×1541 1.1 MB

credit to: ellendrawings_(IG)

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Hi im willing to do a r4r. I just uploaded my new story for the MC contest. I would really appreciate, getting it out there.
It’s called MC: Brooklyn

A Swedish immigrant, a working class hustler. What happens when these two worlds collide in 1957 Brooklyn, New York?

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Story title: MC : Unwritten Destiny
Description: You have been on the waiting list to check out a library book for months. He has the long-overdue book. You coincidentally meet one day at the library. Your life changes forever.
Genre: Romance/ Mystery
Capters: 3 (more coming soon)



Awesome story!! I really loved this one :slight_smile: I’m so looking forward to your next! <33

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Damn girl! Amazing <33

Hey guys I recently just created a story and published the first 3 episodes today. I’ll check yours out ASAP.

Genre : Romance
Description: When introverted Mia goes off to College will she overcome the obstacles that come her way or will she bend and become lost? In a story of love,comedy, and betrayal.

The link is

Instagram and Twitter : Keshiaj_episode

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Here’s my story:
Title: Turbid Strife
Author: Flower Dear
Genre: Drama, romance, action
Description: Ashla Duval is one of the world’s most dangerous criminals and lets nothing get in her way; that is until a woman comes into her life and a special bond ensues…
Chapters: 2 (The third one is locked and it’s an on going story.)




Note: This story has heavy LGBT+ content. Do NOT read if you are not into LGBT+ content.

Yeah sure what’s the link?