Promote your story in my story! (STILL OPEN!)

Yes, my character name is Drama_Club_Girl_25. Here are my character details in INK:
Body: Light
Brow: Defined Natural
Hair: Fishtail Braid (Fawn)
Eyes: Round Classic (Blue)
Face: Soft Heart
Nose: Soft Natural
Lips: Classic (Rose)


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Thank you!

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Hey are your stories J.A.N. And A.B.C. two different ones or is that the name of one story?

Nope, it’s a title of one story :slight_smile:

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Okay thanks!

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You will find it a little weird but my favorite animation is disappoint. I like the way the characters put their hands and the way they roll their eyes. It feels real and funny at the same time.

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Lmao it not wierd my favorite animation is dance_salsa :kissing:

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Hey! If you want to watch your interview its in episode 4 in my story!
Would like my to send you the script so you don’t have to read the story?

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Your name: Jannah Jackson
What stories have you created or want us to check out?: Tribe of Malapinchi via Episode
What secret conspiracy would you like to start? :crazy_face: : No idea lol.
Your Instagram:

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Thanks!, So now can you send me your character information and outfit, so I can create your character. Also do you have any funny ideas to add into the script?, It could literally be anything :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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~ My Character (Myself) Details:

  • Female Soft Body (Skin: Gold 02)
  • Brow: Round Medium (Colour: Black Dark)
  • Hair: Bald
  • Eyes: Round Medium (Colour: Brown Black)
  • Face: Heart Soft
  • Nose: Round Button
  • Lips: Small Heart (Colour: Beige light Gold Matte)

~ My Outfit Details:

  • Royal Chiffon Dress (Chiffon Yellow Cream)
  • Loose Boho Ruffle Bottom Cotton Yellow Cream
  • Hijab Cotton Yellow Daffodil

Or do you need it in Ink?

I can send it you here, I was gonna send it on instagram

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I’m sorry i’m working off my computer right now, I cant really use instagram on here, so it would be better if you sent it here :blob_hearts:

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Hey, I’m sorry i should’ve said my story is in INK so do you think you can recreate in INK plz :blob_hearts:
Im sure they have those clothes in INK as well :wink:


Hey! I’d 100% be interested in this.

Hey, Your interview is in episode 5 of my story
Would you want me to send you the script so you can watch it yourself?

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That’s great! :hugs:
So all you have to do is answer those questions, and send me your character details in INK, and your outfit so I can make your character!

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Alright done. Erm, I’m not really good a funny things lol. All I know is that I’m wearing a coat and black most of the time when my country’s summer all year round. :smiley:


~ My Character (Myself) Details:

Body: Honey

Brow: Defined Natural

Hair: Side Head Scarf (Coral)

Eyes: Round Bold (Colour: Hickory)

Face: Oval

Nose: Aquiline

Lips: Blossom Lips (Colour: Toupe)

~ My Outfit Details:

Yellow Vanilla Peacoat

Jeans (Clam Beige)

Gold Rising Star Headband

Black Chelsea Boots and Socks

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  • body; mocha
  • Brow Smooth Arch
  • Hair: Straight White
  • Eyes: Upturned Feline purple
  • Face: oval
  • Nose: elven
  • Lips: Full Round (Colour: Plum

Outfit details

  • Small fishnets
  • Hip rocker boots
  • black belted sweater dress
  • black boho feather earrings
  • royal crown queen

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