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Read my story and i will yours, or if you want me to subscribe to something
Put your Name and the name of your story or YT

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I’ll Read yours if you sub to my YT channel. Put your story title

It’s called Opium, Whats Your YT name?

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Episode Icy-Glacier

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Thanks I’ll start right now.

Can you put the link to your story in here? I’ll do a r4r with you :grin:

The Beatdown by Jesss.T.Episode

Starting it

I can’t find your story love. Can you send me the link please :blush:

It doesn’t have a cover yet

Ok! I’m starting now :grin:

I’ll do r4r if you’d like

Lost Summer Love


Great, I’ll post SS here when I’m done :blush:


  1. Show off your story and give a description
  2. Read other’s stories and give feed back
  3. Read my story and give feed back @