Promote Your Story! (R4R)

Hey Guys! I’m trying to promote my story more now that I have a few chapters out and they are ready to be read. I really want to get my story out there!
I would appreciate the read and I love to do R4r if anyone is interested!

Title : Ambition

Author: Paige.epi

Style: Ink

Episodes: 11 (more to come)

Description: Bailey is working for a gang to make some cash…or is that the real truth? When her boss assigns her to a dangerous job it takes a hard turn. Will this new job mean life or death? Or will a new mysterious man be able to steer her in the right (or wrong) direction?


These episodes are more of a story so there won’t be many choices but you will get to pick clothing, hair, lipstick, etc during the episodes.
Feedback is always appreciated


I would like to do a R4R with you. :slight_smile:
Story name: Trustless (LGBT)
Author: Elenna Spitfire
Description: Everything seems perfect unless you decide to make an account on an online dating app suggested by your friend. You meet the perfect girl but she will find your biggest secret.
Genre: Drama, Comedy.
Chapters: 4 more coming soon.
Style: Limelight
Important Info: I worked so hard at this and I think it worth a read thank you.

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Would you like to do a r4r with me?
Here is my story:
Story: Fascinated to you
Description: Shreya Xander Faye, I will ruin you in a very seductive way that you will never be able to leave me. You’re the biggest piece of my heart: Tyler Blaze Sullivan.
Author: Singerneha_05

I will read only 3 chapters of you, when I’ll finished I will send you ss and then you can start my story and then send me a ss.

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I am down for r4r

My story The Star Necklace

Description: you are the most rich girl in your country in addition you’re famous but what happens when the Star Necklace uncovers your true identity

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I have read three chapters
The story is good but I suggest you add more zooms

Feel free to check my story The Star Necklace

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Title: Closed case
Genre: romance
Style: limelight
Episodes: 7 (more coming soon)
Description: you are a successful detective, you have wonderful friends and family. But what happens when you meet your match in an interesting way?
CC, choices matter, points system
Author: Moon :crescent_moon:


Thank you :heart:

I’d like to do a r4r with you

My story Name: Hearts desire

Author: misslibra3582

Genre: romance

CC: yes

Chapters: 3 (more to come.)

Description:Follow your hearts desire sound easy. But when Cassie and Jackson

find themselves attracted to each other and danger rears its head will they still be able to follow their hearts

Story link:

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Here is my story:

Title: All The Lights
Author: annawepisode
Description: When I met Ethan Wood I fell in love with him. But can our love and happiness take all the pressure we have because of his career and even my past?
Chapters: 11 (more coming soon)
Style: Limelight
Genre: Romance
Important Info: I am also doing R4R, if you are interested please fill out the form in my IG bio!
Instagram: @annawepisode

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How about 4 for 4?

Sounds good! I’ll start soon

Want to do 3 for 3?


Are you down to do 5 for 5?

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Sure :blush:
I will send you screenshots when I am ready

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Sounds good👍

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What do you mean 4 for 4? Like 4 ep for 4 ep?

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Lol yes

yeah sure

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I just read a few episodes of your story and I will continue once I get my passes refilled :blush:

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