Promote your story (Read 4 Read)

Hey! Welcome to my thread read 4 read,Before we can get this started, we have to set some rules.

• You have to read my story before I can start on yours!

• You must PM me with the SS of my story so I can get started…

• Send me a cover, description, your author’s name, and the link.

• Please if you have Instagram please shoutout my story if you can,if you can’t that’s fine :purple_heart:
(I don’t have Instagram I just want shoutout)

• I’ll read three episodes of your story if you read three of mine and if I like yours, l’ll continue to read yours.

Here’s my story…

Title: Lies!

Genre: Drama

Author: Maria


Chapters: 3 (working on chapter 4)

Description: She lost her brother which caused her to lead a miserable life. And it definitely didn’t help that her father started acting strange after his death.

Style: LL


Please tell me your opinions on direct messages. I hope you like it :heart:

Waiting list

@daisyrodriguez (Waiting for SS)
@Chocola (Waiting for SS)
@Lea-write (Waiting for SS)
@Madhu (Waiting for SS)
@Zeah (Waiting for SS)


@tonywrites :+1:t2:


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