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DESC: Watches that go back in time, strange dreams, a cute boy and the adventure of a lifetime sums up the perfect story which you are about to read!
(There are some bugs sorry in advance!)

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I’ll do it! I’ll read your first chapter and you can read mine!
Here’s my story:
Name: Girl of Deception
Number of episodes: 8 (reading the first chapter is fine though)
Description: Aria Lamar has is all. She’s rich, beautiful and smart. But she’s a selfish arrogant jerk. Little does she know that’s all about to change.CC in episode 6 choices matter

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I just finished the first episode of your story and I liked it! I left you some fanmail!!! :smile:

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Story Name: The Love Triangle
Author: OyeeAbi
Description: Caught in a love triangle, who will win your heart? Your heart-breaker or your childhood friend?
Genre: Romance
Chapters: 6 is out

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Hi there, I’d like to do read 4 read with you, could you directly message me on Instagram then we can discuss about the reads @fongjoline thank you!

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Thank you! I will definitely read your story as it sounds very interesting :joy:

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Sure thing! I’ll text you on @Cjriversepisode

Will definitely read!

Yeah I was just looking at your instagram and I’m definetly going to read this as it has a good plot and I like the Title ‘Loving you…AGAIN!’

Hey, I’d love to do a r4r with you all! Send me a reply or PM if you read mine so I can do the same for you :slight_smile:

Title: Better Than Life
Author: Bekki Hand
Genre: Drama, with romance and comedy (and some twists and real life issues)
Style: Ink
Status: 3 episodes so far, more coming very soon
Description: Crystal lives a dull life until vivid dreams and a change of fate turn her life around. But is she living the life she thought she was? Or will a bombshell reveal all?
Instagram: bekki.episode

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Just started reading yours, really enjoying it, very funny hehe! Can’t wait to read more!


Hi, guys!
Here is my first story. Give me honest feedback!
I’m happy to do the same in return.


Name: The Threesome
Author: Lady Bird
Genre: Drama/Romance
Description: It’s been almos two years since Emma left town to run away from a living nightmare. But now she’s back to face few more ordeals alongside her former stepbrother and her ex-boyfriend in an unconventional love triangle. Help her out?
4 Published episodes with more to come.
Facebook and Instagram: @ladybirdepisode

This is my story :smile:

Author Insta: @bonniedundee.epi

Title: Game Of Disguises

Style: Ink

Chapters: 5

Genre: Drama/Action

Brief Description: Two best friends have fun by disguising themselves as other people and attend luxurious and fancy events, but what happens when they find themselves in the wrong place and at the wrong time?

LGBT inclusive + Advanced Directing


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Reading it right now, I’ll tell you my favorite scene when I’m done.

I like the scene where the Dad is talking about how people eat 8 spiders a year. :rofl::+1:
“The things I do for best friendship…” :rofl:

I love the choice where you get to think of an excuse!

I recommend this story (Game of Disguises) to everyone! Really enjoying this story so far, I think it will become a hidden gem as it is already well on it’s way to becoming one!

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You’re too good to me, thank you so much :hearts:

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I am just loading your story right now, it seems interesting enough though :heart_eyes:

Seems interesting, will read!

I will do a read for read!!

Title: Nocturnal
Author: CrazyCreativeMind
Episodes: 4 (More episodes coming soon)
Genre: Horror, romance
Style: Limelight
Description: It’s been a year since Eli’s sister was taken by soul-devouring demons. Now, they have come back for him and won’t stop until his sanity is lost and his soul is captured.

I’m going to review all these stories and mention all of ye on my instagram. If any of you do not want this then you can dm me and I’ll take down the posts.