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Hello, I have written a story called Time Warp and I love this story so much that I want to share it with everyone. I also have finished reading all the Episode stories I was reading and would like some new suggestions for reads. So, I will share my story here and you can suggest your own or others’ stories. I will check out and read as many as I can.
When you are suggesting a story please include the title, brief description, genre, and if you can, upload an image of the cover. If you can’t upload a cover, tell me the author’s name since multiple stories might have the same title and I want to make sure I read the correct story.

Here’s the info on my story:
Title: Time Warp
Genre: Fantasy/Romance (It’ll be labeled under Fantasy.)
Description: Narissa time travels to a different time period every day. For the last 17 years, she has been alone on this journey until she meets Kilian. He’s a prince from 1812 who also time travels the same way Narissa does. When they meet, they don’t realize how intertwined their lives really are.
# of episodes: 4, but working on more. A total of 21 episodes are planned.

Thank you for reading and I can’t wait to read your stories too!
If you enjoy the story, send me screenshots on here or on my insta!


Thank you for the thread!
Title: Poison for your Heart
Author: Aykay
Genre: Mystery/Romance (depends on your path you choose)
Chapters: 15 (Season 1 complete), more coming soon
Description: You’re a woman on a deadly mission. But what will you do if a determined EBI agent is on your tail? Can you fool him or will you not only lose your freedom but your heart? CM, CC
Style: LL
Small cover:

Large cover:



Title: Wasted
Genre: Drama/romance
Description: When Tabi moves to a new college, everything changes. Will she fall in love? Will secrets be revealed? Find out in Wasted.
# of episodes: 3, but I’m planning at least 20.


Thank you for this thread :heart:
Title : The Triangle
Episodes : (7)
Description : Once You Had Everything you ever wanted But what happens when your childhood ex returns back into your world along with Mr Mysterious And All The Unexpected?
Genre : Romance

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Here’s my story!
also if anyone wants to do r4r just dm me on insta @simpxzee_
TITLE- Awoken
Genre- Fantasy, drama
Chapters so far -3
Plot Awoken from a 200 years curse, Blaze finds himself battling between revenge and his growing feelings for the one who holds nothing but hatred for him. Will he end his millennium-long battle and find love along the way or lose everything trying?


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Title: “The Art of Criminal Profiling”

Genre: Mystery

Style: Limelight

Description: “Can Valentina, a successful FBI agent, decode a series of bone chilling mysteries before it’s too late? If not, she may just lose everything and everyone she cares about.”


  • Limited for the MC (skin color cannot be changed)
  • Full CC for both love interests

This story uses multiple point systems and all choices matter!!

Mini Games:
Mini games are used throughout the story

Sound and music:
Sound and music are both used.

The Best Stories Are Worth Sharing: The Art of Criminal Profiling

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If you want to do an RFR, contact me through Instagram @epi.sam.writes :heartpulse:


I looked at all of your covers and they look really stunning so I’m really interested doing a r4r with of you amazing people. :innocent: :blush:

@sammifred456 @simpxzee @Kapa123 @Aykay @Daisy_Writer15 @elliebrooke @lanafrazer_episode


do you have insta so that i can send you screenshots there? it’s just easier for me but its alr if you don’t!

@Kayla101 sure!! Just DM on Instagram if you have it :heartpulse: @epi.sam.writes

amazing! i’m interested in that; just pm my IG @wasted_episode :slight_smile:

Sounds interesting! I’ll check it out!

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Thanks for sharing! Sounds interesting! I’ll check it out! :heart:

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Thanks for sharing! Sounds like drama’s gonna happen! I’ll check it out! :heart:

Wow, sounds really cool! I love crime dramas! I’ll check it out! Thanks for sharing! :heart:

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Hey @Kayla101! Thanks for checking out the thread! I’m glad you liked the covers! I would totally do that R4R with you. DM me on insta @dg.episodewriter or post your story to this thread and I’ll definitely check out your story.

thank you! <3

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Thank you @Daisy_Writer15 :blob_hearts:

If you have a story you want me to read as well, you can hit me up on Insta @epi.sam.writes

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Sadly, I deactivated my Instagram account babe. But I’ll be here if you need to contact me.

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okay :slight_smile:

Alright. No problem!