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Story Name: The Godmothers’ Heir
Description: A year ago a tragic shooting and two gang members try capturing you. Now a year later it’s your turn to find out why, but how simple is that for two teens still in highschool?

Genre: Action/Adventure
Sub-Genres: Mystery, Thriller, Drama, Romance
Some tags: CC, Choices,Trailblazer, Cliche-Breaker,

Instagram : @lee.lee_26 Link:
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Hey ! Im willing to do a R4R !! Looking to just find some new episodes to read check mine out and give me feed back Honestly would like some :grin:
Author: Dal Coresome

Title: Incomplete Kiss

Style: INK

Chapters: 3 (With more hopefully people will be interested)

Genre: Romance

Description: Vanessa makes a major change in her life with someone new. Will everything work out?



Cool, are you willing to read 6 chapters or just how many you can do?
And I’ll get started now. Make sure to send a screen shot! 0-0


Hey, thanks for starting this! Your story seems nice, I’ll make sure I give it a read :wink:

To those who might take an interest, here’s my story:
I accept feedback!

Author: Hits
Instagram: episode.hits
Title: Hunter Academy * REVAMPING *
Genre: Action/Fantasy
Sub-Genre: Supernatural, romance.
Chapters: 8 in total, 5 revamped, 3 locked
Description: War is coming in the supernatural world, and as a huntress, it’s your duty to stop it.
Will you accept help from a vampire too hot for your own good to try and save the world?CC

(this cover is still in review)


Oh! I’ve already started lol! But I usually do 2 or 3 to get the feel AND YES screen shots helps lots!


Alright let me just say I’m hooked :sleepy: literally I AM HOOKED the directing is a amazing THE GRANNY POINTS pshhhhhhhhhhhhhh I would of never thought of that and I love the way you just have the story in general ! Like the story line is wonderful it’s catchy ! And IM GLAD that I restarted the story because I would of missed out on A L O T of good behind directing I love it and want to continue reading :face_with_hand_over_mouth: keep it up man!!


Here’s my story :smiley:

Title: Come close to me
Author: Edera
Instagram: edera.episode
Genre: Romance
Style: Limelight
Episodes: 20. More episodes are coming!
Description: You are desperately in love with your best friend Matt. Suddenly, you meet Ian, who says that he’ll help you with Matt. Why? The answer will surprise you…


Thanks for reading!


I’ll check out your story, it’s sounds pretty cool.
Here’s mine:

Title: Dreams and Nightmares
Author: Dreamer
Genre: Romance
Style: Ink
Summary: Scarlet had a rough past and it looks like it’s not getting better after she was bought by some mysterious guy. Will she ever turn her life from a nightmare to a dream?


Hi everyone!

Let’s make our ranking skyhigh!

Title of my story: Loveaholic, The man of my dreams
Author name: CJM

In your dreams you will meet your true love. You would do anything to make your dream come true. Does he really exist?


We could do a read for read if you want? :slight_smile:

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Link below :

Here is the description of my story :slight_smile:

Title : Paradise
Author : Maggy

Genre : Fantasy
Style : Limelight
Number of episodes : 10 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode

Description : A young adult called Fidelia is about to become a Goddess, she has to follow the prophecy. Fidelia is strong and independent, fun, and a crazy party girl. Will she accept her faith?

Link :



I’d love to R4R


Instagram: jessfox.episode
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Plot: Betty is a small town girl with big dreams of becoming a rock star. Navigating stardom, relationships, fans, and parties…Will she make it or break it? CC



Hello, this is a revamp of a previous story I made - feedback and reviews helped a ton as well.

TItle: Crossed Paths
Author: Dreamer
Style: INK
Genre: Rom/Com
Status: Ongoing
Description: Mindy’s life is full of joy and laughter but is haunted by heartbreak. What happens when Derek comes crashing into her life changing the way she sees love?


Mate Bond: The Burning
Sequel to Mate Bond
Wolf story
I will do read4read!

“I have always wanted to find my mate, have that feeling that is unbearable to love without. Its not always easy, but when I see her it’s all worth it.”


Thanks for starting this thread!I’ll check out your story and if you find the description interesting, here is my story

Title: The Essentia Chronicles
Author: Tldax913
Style: Ink
Genre: fantasy
Number of episodes: 10 (ongoing)
Description: When a powerful young couple steals the Kings most prized possession, it starts a chain reaction that will either destroy their world or return it to its former glory.
Link: HTTP://
Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:


Hey, thank you so much for creating this thread. I would love to do a read for read if your interested.:slight_smile:
Here’s the details to my story in case you want to check it out.
Author: S_Unique
Title: The Four Horsemen
Genre: Fantasy
Style: Ink
Description: 4 Sins. 4 Angels fell. 4 Horsemen rose. A curse was casted. And the battle of good vs evil is about to begin. CC/ Choices matter


Hello there. I am a new writer on episode. I have been reading a lot of stories which led me to write my own mystery story.

Title: The Mysterious Stalker
Author: SimplyPoncahontas
Style: Limelight
Genre: Mystery
Description: You just moved back to your hometown after 5 years and starting in college. While you are settling into your new life with college, boys and new friends, you are being stalked.


Hi! I’d like to promote my story here too :blush: I hope it’ll catch someone’s interest xx

Author: Bonnie Dundee

Author Insta: @bonniedundee.epi

Title: Game Of Disguises

Style: Ink

Chapters: 6

Genre: Drama/Action

Brief Description: Two best friends have fun by disguising themselves as other people and attend luxurious and fancy events, but what happens when they find themselves in the wrong place and at the wrong time?



And you can read my second story too for a r4r :slight_smile:

But first: For a guaranteed feedback fill in the form

Link below :

Here is the description of my story :slight_smile:

Title : Jungle Fever
Author : Maggy
Genre : Romance/Drama
Style : Ink
Number of episodes : 3 (more episodes coming soon)
Instagram : maggy.episode

Description : A bad boy Prince with a lot of ego and a womanizer, gets lost in the middle of the Jungle and meets a fierce African Princess called Maya. Will he handle the change of environment.

Link :



Tittle: Search for love.
Author Name:
Story Description :Your life turns upside down when you try to escape from a toxic situation! Can you find the love you are looking for trying to escape?
Genre: Drama
Link :
Cover :



My story:

Title: Nocturnal
Author: CrazyCreativeMind
Episodes: 4 (More episodes coming soon)
Genre: Horror, romance
Style: Limelight
Description: It’s been a year since Eli’s sister was taken by soul-devouring demons. Now, they have come back for him and won’t stop until his sanity is lost and his soul is captured.