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This page is designed to promote and discuss my first story on Episode in the Mystery Section. For anyone who has read my story or is the process of reading it, I would like to thank you for helping me get to 1K reads already! On this page I will be posting about new updates for my story - like the upcoming third and final season in the making - as well as teasers because I don’t have instagram.
Description: Skylar was a notorious teen journalist at her high school, but, like everyone else in Morcastle, she had her own secrets to the point where even her murder isn’t all what it seems and it’s up to her three friends to find out the truth… or die trying.

For those who have read my story, I would love to hear what theories you have about (feel free to post them down below)!
Who do you think is the tormentor??

  • Skylar
  • Frank
  • Quinn
  • Adelaide
  • Luke
  • Richard
  • Ellis
  • Simmons
  • Eva
  • Catherine
  • Jake
  • Sam
  • Olivia
  • Gabrielle
  • April
  • Maia
  • Cody

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Omg I love your story! It’s worth every minute of reading!


Thank you so much; if you have any ideas or theories that you would like to put out there, please feel free to do so!


I have re read the published episodes looking for clues and here are my theories:
1.i don’t think that the tormentor and the killer are the same people. Why would the killer want the teens to find them.
2. I think Frank is the tormentor because nothing has happened to him in the story where as the other characters have been seriously affected, physically and emotionally.
3. Frank is like the only character to benefit from skylars death. She wasn’t a nice girl, he got a new gf and his life continued.
4. SPOILERWe witnessed Frank kill skylar In the first episode and even though I don’t believe he killed d her instead he was just stupid by not checking her Airways or pulse. But I think this is what may have driven him to become the tormentor.
He also could be the one to tip off the police as he knew where the body was hidden and buried
5. Another theory I have is that there is more than one tormentor. You poll above is also part of this trick. I feel like you have foreshadowed this theory by showing a person in a red hoodie but I’m different sexes ( a male and a female)
6. The tormentor may be one of skylars close friends because she predicted this would happen and they are continuing ruining people’s live like skylar did while she was alive. So skylar planned this with someone before she died and my theory is that is Frank. And the scene where he kills her was staged between them.

I have other theories that might be a bit far fetched. I hope other people share their theories so I can get new ideas as to what might be going on :slight_smile:


Interesting theory! I’d love to hear your other ones which you say are far-fetched.


My far fetched theories would involve Skylar Whom we know is dead due to DNA so Is kind of out of the equation.


Part of me wants it to be Addy, Just because she acts so innocent etc.


Honestly, I have no clue lol.
I don’t want to think any of the main characters are the tormentors, but I think @Beccabar’s theory about Frank is really plausible.
I feel like the ace is Skylar. My theory is that Quinn wasn’t just hallucinating when she saw her in the art gallery, but I don’t know if ace and the tormentor are supposed to be the same person because then my theory is way off.
Maybe the forensics analyst (or doctor? I don’t remember her name) is involved somehow because she’s in charge of DNA and if skylar is alive that either means forensics was lying or the DNA was strategically planted at the crime scene by the tormentor, or Skylar herself.
LOL IDK. I’m all over the place. I hope it becomes more clear to me as I read on.


I agree with you, something isn’t right about the dna. Also I don’t think the tormentor and the ace of hearts is the same person. I just can’t see why they would be?


I love the theory about the forensic scientist having something to do with it; maybe she does, maybe she doesn’t. Who knows? :thinking:


I’ve read the most recent episode and am All up to date now and OMG WHATTTTTTT.
So now the theories have changed but I’ll message you direct because I dont want to spoil it for others. Because omg


Can’t wait to hear them :grin::grin::grin:


When will you publish season three? I really want to know who killed skylar


I’m currently writing episode 6 for Ace of Hearts at the moment, and I normally publish it the moment I’ve finished with editing all the episodes :grin:


Have you got any teasers for us yet?


Starting reading and am hooked already! Loved the shock of thinking oh here is a main character in Skyler and then she died (I wasn’t loving how she didn’t care how her actions affected the people she wrote about.
(One thing to watch in chapter 1 is height levels of characters) coding is great. Just be aware chapter 2 when police turn up she is continuously walking. Just after the police scene back in class just have a look at the scale when sitting. Loved the cliffhanger end of episode 2. I was wondering is she a twin? What is happening how can they both have killed her?
Episode 3 was great who was the person in the red jumper with the article
I’m hooked. It’s a great story and I’ll keep reading x