I have made some (major?) changes to the first episode. Derek is far less I need to give this male a restraining order, and more adorably awkward. I have been adding more flesh to the breakup and the aesthetics of the story has improved greatly.

I will be posting screenshots of a brand new first episode. Any new readers, do not despair (HAHAHAHAHAHA I am hilarious) - you are more than free to read my story but do note, I will be making some adjustments to the story and adding a bit more comedy to lighten things up (I lied, it’s not comedy - it’s just there to make me giggle lol).


Any Instagram users? Come through y’all - I have a bunch of sneak peeks and vids of the story so y’all can go check it out.

My instagram is @days.episode


I won’t bother you you seem busy xD (VERY busy…)


Haha, not very busy - don’t worry I love to procrastinate :sweat_smile:


lol wow

don’t we all?


Lol my brain is fried but the first 3 episodes have been edited haha


A link to the story:


Ah-ha? The truth :joy:


Y’all I am so close to finishing off the revamp :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Then episode 9 will be in the works :scream:



Do any of you have any questions about the story? (serious ones pls :joy::sob:)

I will include these in a q&a for chapter 9


What gave you the idea for the story?


Did you expect your story to reach 400 reads?


I had a dream about meeting someone and taking them for granted. Pushing him away and when it was too late, I realised what I had lost. This has happened to me in real life too, I always push opportunities with guys away - due to fear or insecurity and now I kick myself about it.

I guess what I wanted to do was tell and warn people that when a great person comes your way, not to push them away and let you in.


I’ll be honest - it is a shock. I am still surprised by the love, support and praise I have received from my story. Reaching 100 reads was a massive deal to me and the fact my story is growing slowly but surely is just such a surreal feeling.


:clap:t3::clap:t3: That’s a great message to tell!


:joy::joy: Can’t relate


Lol girl, I am sure you will relate soon af.

Also, thanks so much for the questions - they were really fun to answer!


Thank you for the hope! (I doubt I’ll get it though tbh…:sweat_smile:) No problem though! Keep up the good work! :sparkling_heart:


Girl believe in yourself! I am sure you will get there! Also thanks again love :purple_heart: