PROMOTING: Crossed Paths ✨



So, I am the author of Crossed Paths and my story is looking for a new home - your shelf.

Here are the details of the story!

Title: Crossed Paths

Author name: Dreamer



What makes my story stand out?

  • My characters are diverse (they come from all parts of the world and I intend on teaching you some things about my culture as well).

  • This story covers the lives of young adults and covers issues such as race, sexuality & loss.

  • My MC is a strong, independent woman who is capable of standing up for herself but like everybody she has vulnerabilities.

  • You get to see an adventure, this story is filled with humour, covers important issues and a lesson for you all.

  • This is a romance story with a twist. What you will see is a deeply emotional bond!

Take a chance on my story, it would love to be on your shelf.



Further Information:

This is not only a promotion page for MY STORY but a place you can talk to me and acts as an author blog.



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I recommend the story it is really good so far, who doesn’t like a good story that includes mexican women and their novellas :joy:.


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Here is some more info about my story:

  • Mindy had a rough relationship and lost someone in the process - all will be revealed later on but you’ll have glimpses about what has happened.

  • This story is a revamp of an old story I had made. This story contains a lot more zooms, overlays, custom backgrounds and spot directing.

  • I will be adding art scenes throughout the story and special appearances throughout.




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