PROMOTING: Crossed Paths ✨




Practice makes perfect haha.


:joy::joy::joy: If no one will read it I WILL


Also, storywriting is to do with passion so keep at it both of you!!


True, you just need patience…and that is the one thing I don’t have


Haha I lack patience too lol - it sorta drove me mad tbh


Oof I know


:joy::joy::joy: Sigh, the struggles


Right so editing takes an eternity so guess wjho learnt to use the device helper and look after speechbubbles straight away rather than what I am doing now…?

I FRACKING DID :rofl::joy::sob:


However expect the encounter with Tristan to be a bit more hot, a bit more damn boy.

I will be making some additional tweaks and changing up some plot points soon.

Finally my baby will be refined for y’all.



I have become really attached to Derek. Some plans I have for him are hurting my heart but they are important to the plot…


Final spam of the dayyyyyyy.

I will update you on my baby and yes, Crossed Paths has become my baby.

At first (non revamp) was my ugly potato child but now I am proud of my revamped baby.

If I can handle the cringe, I might add some side by side comparisions of the revamp and non revamp soon!


Oh yikes.

I am going to be doing comparisons of the revamp and original. Cringe festival awaits.


Guess what? Derek was a freaking jerk in the original.


She does naht exist. This was a best friend of Mindy but they met in a weird way. It did not really make sense to ease their friendship in and Miara is a replacement.


RIP @ this dumbass




So, I have completed refining all the current episodes! I hope you enjoy the polished Crossed Paths.

If you spot any errors, please tell me and I will get to fixing them ASAP.

Now, I can finally get on with Episode Nine!


Episode Nine - you will catch a glimpse of the ex as well as learn something very heartbreaking about Mindy.

Joanne and Mindy - will they be able to amend whatever happened between them?

All will be revealed in the next episode!


Oof even if I finish revamping my story, I still go back and change everything!


Hahaha me af :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy::joy: