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Reading fanmail like this really warms my heart so whoever written this - I want to thank you so much because your words mean so much to me.

I have gained motivation again and want to keep at it. Episode 9 is taking its sweet time - Mindy will be stuck in an awkward situation, Mindy will meet Ethan and Lyra.

Lyra and Ethan are new characters so if you have already read my story you may be confused :sob::sob::sob:


Okay so episode 9 is in the works (really it is.)

I will be posting some sneak peeks on Insta v soon.


I still need to finish off reading the contest entries today so I will be doing that, I gotta study as well THEN I can get back to writing.

Lol rip I have become the author I once was upset by. Taking forever to update :sob::sob:


Sending you much strength!!! !!! !!!
You can do this!!! !!! !!! !!!


Thanks so much ma favourite cake slice :heartbeat::heart_eyes:


Just a short message can bring someone motivation and strength and that all I wish for you, and that’s why you are getting this message.

Awww. I’m your favourite cake slice? :pleading_face: That’s sweet. :blush::heavy_heart_exclamation:

To all those, that have to wait: :joy:


Aawww thank you :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat:

:wink: Ofc you are my fave cake slice and your love & support is so heartwarming.




Your boy Days has managed to write 700 lines (branching and overlay crap :joy::joy::sob:)

HERE ARE SOME SNEAKY MCPEEKS (that sounded very aggressive I am sorry).


This will be Derek centric - I want y’all to appreciate him too


Haha lol

Thanks for letting us see them :slight_smile:


Name: Emerald Falls
Author: JJ
Genre: Drama (Action?Romance)
Episodes: 10 (Ongoing)
Description: What happens when Good Girls like Bad Boys. Sparks will ignite, and Bullets will fly so strap yourselves in for a ride of Twists, Turns, Murder and Love in Emerald Falls.


YAY! Can’t wait for new eps! So happy you’re back at it Days! :heartpulse::+1:


No problem haha


Thanks so much!!


Hahaahhahah a looool


Remember when I said I might make you art for your story? Well, I was drawing this girl leaning over a balcony, just for practice because I haven’t had that much experience with art, when I thought that since this is actually turning out good that I could make this into something for your story since I love it soo much!


Omg that would be amazing and as always thank you for your support :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:

Also, I have an important balcony scene upcoming in the story so your art can be an art scene :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


Hello everybody!

I am 1300 lines in!

So, as a treat for my lovely readers there will be some riddles (mini game)!

This will happen during a flashback and a lot of effort is being invested into the episode which hopefully pays off :sparkling_heart:


MEEP MEEP! I have had a massive idea! Like it is a big deal as it kinda affects the way the story goes BUT I want to see your input :heart:

In a later episode, I want to dedicate an episode (or two) to Mindy’s ex. So, you’ll get to see his face, you’ll know his name, about the reason he left her as there are two sides to a story.

The plan was him making an appearance and then explaining to Mindy what happened but the new plan is that he explains to readers what happens THEN he explains to Mindy when they meet again. They most definitely will cross paths again!

  • Yeah, I wanna see things from his eyes!
  • Nah, forget about it.

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NOTE: He’s a very poetic guy so expect quite wistful poetic monologues from him if this is to happen.