PROMOTING: Crossed Paths ✨


Did a review of this story. Gotta say it is well done :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!


You’re too sweet! :sob:


As are you :heart::heart::heart:


Thanks to everybody who nominated my story for the choice awards! I know some regular posters and some lovely friends have been nominating it so thank you :heart::heart:

Regarding Crossed Paths Episode 10 - it might be a bit of a tough one to read. A bit personal but lately, I have not been feeling too great and I feel sort of lost at times so I suppose it would reflect in my writing :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:


I hope everything is going well for you and tht you’ll get better
uu :cake::blue_heart:


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Thank you @purplerose

Sorry Chapter 10 is taking so darn long - life has been quite hectic haha


Hello everybody!

Just want to give a little update and say I am slowly but surely writing episode 10. This is a very important episode - readers, please make sure to pay attention to as much as you can because this will foreshadow future events!

Thank you and I have a handful of read for reads to catch up on so I will be back on the app!

Anybody who wants to see me be a dork feel free to follow me on Instagram @days.writes :heart:


Oh and my story got featured on the shelf!

A stupidly cheesy letter to you from me coming through!

Dear reader,

I am still in shock and am a bit of a mess about being on the shelf but this has really boosted my confidence. This story has been on a hectic journey - there were far too many times where I wanted to stop writing, just to cut this off and act like Crossed Paths never existed but I never had the heart to do it. Why? You. It’s because of you I kept on writing, I wrote not only for my joy but knowing I had you by my side supporting me means everything and more.

People search for love because it is such a precious thing to have and I was being given love by you. Your support, your screenshots, talking to me, and your kindness is one of the purest forms of love you have gifted me. When I was at my worst, you stood by me waiting patiently and when I was at my best, you stood by me celebrating. This story made me explore my mind and write from my soul. I put all of myself into my story, you are reading me. You are reading my desires, hopes, fears and thoughts - you held me tenderly in your mind and you treated me well, the way I deserve to be treated.

To know that your writing has an impact on people is so touching. To know that you took the time to read my story filled with awkward moments, tender touchy-feely moments and sometimes, upsetting moments. Words fail me - no words can express my gratitude for the kindness, love and goodness you have gifted me.

I love you.

Thank you,
Days xx


@Stargazer54 - you called it! I remember you saying about my story being featured :two_hearts:


:tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:OMG CONGRATULATIONSSS!!! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! :tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada::tada:

Your story truly deserves it, I didn’t even know anything about the choice awards so I couldn’t nominate you :sweat_smile:, but you really, truly deserve it. You are an extremely dedicated author, you are extremely kind, and a helper on the forums, I remember reading your story (Don’t remember if I reviewed it but I think I might’ve) and I have just seen so much progression!


You really inspire me as an author, and I only hope the best for you story as it becomes more of a rising star


Thank you so so much my love!


I scrolled all the way to this thread just to alert you that your story had been featured :joy::joy: CONGRATULATIONS :heart::heart::dizzy::dizzy:


Omg I love you girl :two_hearts::two_hearts: my fellow Brit :heart_eyes:




Congrats for being featured! :grin: :grin:


Thank you angel!!


Happy New Year everyone!!! :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:

i somehow always keep getting back to this thread lmao

I wanted to first of all say CONGRATULATIONS @Days for getting featured, you totally deserve it and your hard work is paying off.

Second I just checked and…YOU HAVE 5.5k READS!! I mean CONGRATS!!
I’m really proud of you and your story, hope to see more Episodes of this masterpeace!