Promoting Dangerous Topic

If I were a witness to that (no offense) I would blame the parent immediately

But, that’s another thing. Not all stories that contain gangs are portrayed badly. As, making a story about a gang and not giving too much details and not mentioning gang or mafia might be a better thing to do so they are not like, “I wanna be in a gang!!” If you get what I am saying?

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Yeahh, minor details, but I wish the authors would age rate the story

More than likely, it would happen gradually. I highly doubt a kid would come home looking nice and sweet one day, then be a drug dealer the next.

Got a point.

And that is what some authors do, just not most, but it’s okay, we all make mistakes.

I’m sad to disagree with you. It’s not only the parents’ fault. It’s the environment someone lives in. I live in a country that is heavily affected by gangs and all kinds of illegal groups, and while I am quite privileged, my university is a few block away from a more vulnerable zone. And a lot of children who go to school there believe that gang life can be the solution to all of their problems. This is not only because of what their parents say or don’t say. It’s because our culture is impregnated with this. People come to idolise drug lords, and local tv shows make this kind of life seem interesting.

So while parents may have a say in it, it’s a very cultural thing. And as content creators, we should always be careful of the messages we’re sending, as if not to feed the cultures that put gangs and that kind of stuff in some kind of pedestal.


I agree and I disagree.
I mean, these are all STORIES.
Like movies, they’re much worse and I’m sure the 13 years old are watching some of these movies too.

Just take Shades of Grey. Every little girl wants to be Ana after the books and movies. But they don’t really get the message behind the books. It’s not all about sex, it’s about a freaking trauma from HIS past, but no, nobody sees it, it’s just “sex”.

It isn’t our job to explain what’s real and what isn’t. That’s a job for their parents.

But also: I don’t want to read stories about rape and stuff. Some people had to suffer a trauma like that and you could always trigger them with stuff like that.

I think we could fight over it for years and nothing would change. :confused:

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Anyway, I’m going to leave the forums, watch YouTube for 30 minutes, go on twitter and my insta, then my bed. I’ll be back tomorrow, @phlegmatic your edit should be done tomorrow

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@Cam but the parents shouldn’t let the kids out there near that. They should know there’s gangs. Yes I live around gangs, but my parents keep an eye on me 24/7 even though I beat people’s @$$

Thanks. Now, if I may continue… I agree with what @Alexa_x3 has said. If we are going to bring up movies, they have a much worse influence on kids than Episode.

Again, parents fault for letting there child watch that. that’s why IMDB was invented.

Anyway, goodnigjt.

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This response was extraordinary and extremely mature! I hope young readers see it and appreciate it and utilize it.


Thank you for staying civil unlike your counterparts.

sigh oKay let’s do this again because no one learns their lesson.

it’s completely fine to have a opinion. it’s not oKay to harass others for theirs.

Focus on the topic. Talk about gangs. Don’t yell at someone for their spelling or grammar or don’t make fun of their mother! That’s ridiculous.


Thank you!

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well, I think it is just for the purpose of entertainment. Obviously, the readers like it so they’ll do whatever it takes.

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