I’m just here to promote my new story and post sneak peeks, this isn’t a R4R thread :slight_smile:

Finally published my story, Divine!
I’ve entered it in the Magicka contest as well, but the actualy name is simply Divine :slight_smile:

Here you get to experience all kinds of urban arcana, choose a proficiency in magic, solve world-ending mysteries, receive enchanted gifts, and more!
It’s in the Spotlight format (which isn’t bad, you guys are just mean, wise words by @rozozzy)
Even if it is in Spotlight, a lot of thought went into directing it!
It includes a female and male love interest, full CC, art scenes, and more!
Hope you guys enjoy!!!

Title: Magicka: Divine

Description: The Xanthe Academy for the Elite Apprentice is the envy of the magical world. Newly enrolled, you find yourself cursed, being called to play your part in a world-ending prophecy.
Style: LL, Spotlight Format


Ahhh!!! I’m so excited for this!!!


Ooh, this looks so exciting. Can’t wait to read


and adding to my reading list!!!

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Your cover is amazing!! I’ll check it out. Would you like some feedback too?

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I definitely wouldn’t turn it down!! :slight_smile: :heart:

Love me some cryptic sneak peeks😗

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