PROMOTING: Heartbreak Avenue

Greetings! This a thread promoting my first story “Heartbreak Avenue”. This thread is inspired by @fluffyrice (the custom art and trailer are AWESOME btw). Follow this thread to stay updated on its release and when new chapters are released. ** Here are some details.**
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Title: Heartbreak Avenue
Author: Jade Cherry
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 3 (in progress)
Genre: Drama
Description: The romance that once blossomed has now wilted. The engagement between the two stars is suddenly broken. She doesn’t wish that things will go back to the way it was on Heartbreak Avenue.

About Heartbreak Avenue:

  • The title is inspired by Ariana Grande’s Honeymoon Avenue telling the story of wanting to go back to the “honeymoon” stage of a relationship (everything is fresh and exciting). She wishes to go back to the way it was. In my story, it is flipped and the MC does not wish everything goes back to the way it was.
  • I have been writing for a while, my specialty being fanfiction. I have decided to truly step in the realm of original fiction and of directing several episodes on… Episode. Wish me luck, please.
  • The story will most likely be different from anything you guys have read on here. It will be a graphic novel with choices that do not impact the storyline. However, this story foreshadows my next one “The Death of An Actress”, which will definitely be impacted by choices.
  • Some characters are based on real people while others are not, so we’ll see if you guys recognize anyone.
  • The story follows both sides of the engagement. Eric Moore who broke off the engagement via text message and Jordan Cooke who was excited about being married now is trying to pull through her sadness.
  • The story will switch between present tense and flashbacks. This is also a drama as stated before, my absolute favorite genre to write because I love me some angst!


  1. The Aftermath - Eric experiences a bone-chilling nightmare as Jordan is preparing for her next role in a blockbuster period piece about the golden age of film.
  2. Untitled - The day after Eric’s text leaves Jordan a mess. The young actress has a hard time controlling her emotions.
  3. Untitled - Jordan has a meeting with the staff of her new movie and meets her co-stars, but also runs into the older actor who also is a handsome bachelor.

Another reminder to watch/bookmark this topic for more updates! Happy New Year!