Promoting Murder at Ambrogi Mansion: Art Giveaway!

Hey all, this is Amaterasu. So, I’m doing a giveaway to help promote my story Murder at Ambrogi Mansion (LL) . As a writer and artist, I have decided to use the one passion to help the other. So, I have no clue if anyone would be interested in this or if this should be in promote your story or art resources but um…mods be kind😊

So, I currently have three episodes of my story Murder at Ambrogi Manison (LL) out now. So, if you read the three chapters of my story and pm or dm me screen shots, I will give you a free bumper. (If this goes against some rule, please kindly let me know, lol—however, I think it’s roughly the same concept as a read for read…)

A bumper can be a trigger warning, a music/sound or panning and zoom message or a wholesome trigger. (I’ve kinda started the idea of the “wholesome trigger”, sort of the positive cousin of the warning trigger concept. )Mine is “This story contains themes of friendship, love and forgiveness.” That will be an option in the “Bonus” section.

Bumpers will use the fonts and text on the examples and any of the backgrounds listed below. So, if you give my story some reads, you can mix and match a bumper of your choice. I have listed the options/examples here (these are edits of or use copyright free images) and three are 100% my original art. I will likely add more during the giveaway period. So, stay tuned if you don’t like any of the ones currently available. You can also make suggestions of new ones you’d like to see. :slight_smile:

The bumper text content will be the same as that shown below in the examples. Story warning, music/sounds, panning and zooms with the exact wording of those listed in the examples. You get to select the combination of background and font.


(Each bumper is numbered, 1-8, going down. The first is one, the second is two, the last one is 8." 6-8 are my fully original ones, if you’re interested ;))


I will also be doing different giveaways every week or two to promote my story, get to know you all, and share my art. I’m hoping to host many activities in addition to giveaways, such as contests and editing help! Upcoming giveaway prizes may include background and overlay edits (if allowed, let me know if you have any idea), original overlays, covers, pfps, full line-by-line grammar edit, and even art scenes!

I also do commissions and can provide any of these things at any time (so long as no episode assets are used, and I feel comfortable/agree to do it) so feel free to check out my Instagram @amaterasu_storytime, and art Instagram @faintest_one

Bonus Missions


If you read at least three chapters of my highly recommended story Blood of the Empress by Treas_H . You can request your bumper’s font style or text. These can include any font you can find in your standard word processor and I also have some specially downloaded copyright free fonts. So, you could either tell me the exact font you want or you can tell me the mood of the font you want. Ask me to clarify if it’s still confusing:)

Super Bonus

If you also check out three episodes of Squad: Masterminds by Treas H you can have a fully customizable bumper. That is you can say: I’d like an autumn themed bumper, a genie and a lamp with large impact text, I’d like falling flower petals and …(No characters though! And no revisions! I retain the right to refuse an image without explanation, and you can choose another) (I retain the right to cap how many rewards depending on how successfully this goes).

(That will equate to at least 10 screenshots! Three for each story. )

These are my best friend’s stories and they are amazing, Squad: Masterminds is especially innovative for its out-of-this-world directing aside from its dynamic characters, thrilling story, and overall masterful storytelling.

Once you send me the screenshots, I will add you to the list. All standard requests will be received within a few days. Any custom prizes can (but not necessarily) take longer and I will let you know at that time.

Giveaway is active until April 21, 2021!

Here’s the actual story information: