Promoting my AW contest entry(R4R thread)

I published my story 5 minutes after deadline and it’s not what I wanted it to be, so I will edit it after contest. Also there some mistakes and it hasn’t been proofread :pensive:, but I will be very thankful if someone will give it a read.
Title: AW: Lucid Dreams
Genre: Adventure
Description: In a world, where dreams can be deadly, Harper is invited to participate in the experiment. What she will encounter behind closed doors?

Drop your stories down for R4R.:arrow_down:

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I can do r4r

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I’m going to read your story now.:slightly_smiling_face:

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Ours :see_no_evil:

AW: In The Shadows (co-wrote)

Instagrams: karoline.writes and epi_wolf

Kelly Garcia is the only daughter of the strongest Alpha with 3 older brothers. She is free spirited, strong headed, and stubborn, who refuses to be told what to do. She is well known for her fiery temper, and her over protective family. When she sneaks into one of her fathers meetings with the most vicious heartless cruel alphas, she never expected him being so angry…That he would kill her right there and than. But what would happen when they were told they were mates?

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Love your narration.:heart:


Aw thank you so much​:black_heart::black_heart::see_no_evil:

Thank you for starting this thread.
I’ll do a r4r! I will send you SS when I’m finished. Here is my story info. :slight_smile:

Title: Dark Essence
Episode: 8
Genre: fantasy
Style: Limelight
Description: Kadi & Dani have always kept their true selves hidden.But what happens when they discover the truth about their Dark Essence.Will the secrets hidden beneath the lies destroy them? (Point system that will lead to two endings and Limited CC)



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Here is my story!I would love to do an r4r
My story:-AW:Imprinted

About:- In a world were Vampires and Werewolves are in an eternal war, But they have a mutual enemy, The witches. What happens when a wolf imprint’s on one?

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Let’s do R4R!
My story:

Name: Love or hate?

Author: Kate Muntian

More episodes coming soon.

My account on IG: @k_m_episode

Story link:

Short description; You have moved to the city of your dreams and got prestigious job. After a while it turns out that your noisy neighbor is your boss! Will you fall in love with him or hate him?

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We’ve alredy done R4R with my another story.:upside_down_face:

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Hey, girl. We’ve already done R4R with my first story, so I read yours.

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Sorry, I read lots of stories so I can’t remember whose I have already read))


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Thank you!!! I will get to yours tom! I am too busy today!!!

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Already started yours :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

My story for the contest. Pls check it out and let me know your thoughts :slight_smile:

Author: TamiRose
Title: AW: Realm of Dreams
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy
Chapters: 3
Description: What if, our dreams were invaded? What if, our dreams were used to control us? Join Imel and her two best friends as they share an adventure to find out, who’s invading our dreams

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I will check it out today.:slightly_smiling_face:

Thank you. I’m liking yours so far :slight_smile:

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I like yours too.:slightly_smiling_face:


Hi! I’m interested in a R4R.
This is my story:
Title: AW: Fallen

Genre: Drama

Summary: What if the Earth was always just a prison for the criminals from another world? You are sent here after being wrongly accused of a crime you didn’t commit. Will you manage to adapt or will you try to find a way back home?


I drew the small and the large cover.


This is my first story and I’m quite nervous about how it turned out, especially since I know that it has many problems with the directing. At least I know that I tried my best. I want to apologize because you might find grammar mistakes, but English is my second language.