Promoting my comedy story

Hi everyone.

I just wanted to promote my new story.

Title: The life Of A Toddler.
genre: comedy
summary: Andrew is a young successful man, who has it all. Or does he? What happens when he gets to think like a toddler?
Link: #episode


Hi! Are you interested in R4R?
DESCRIPTION: You are a teenage boy trying to find your own voice in lyrical opera, friendship, love, sexuality and family.
Unravel the present, take a stroll in the past and get a glimpse of the future.
(I referenced all arias as: the opera they are from; composer’s last name, librettists’ last names)

I would like to do a R4R
Title: You are my sunshine
Author: Faith Rose
Gene: Drama/Comedy/Romance/Fantasy
Description: Having a learning disability is hard for Samantha until she meets Nick her sunshine! Will Nick help her overcome her disability or be a disappointment to her? CC is limited. And choices matter
Style- Ink
Chapters - 8 out episode on going


Here’s limelight version
Cover- IMG_20191123_113558_181

Stories I recommend A century heartbreak by @samantha_episode_1 and mum’s knows best by @BEEBS07


I’m not interested in read for a read, I’ve been burned many times by that. :see_no_evil:
Unless you read mine first? :woman_shrugging:t2::blush:

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sure, I will read it and send screenshots :slight_smile:

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Great, I already added yours to my favourites. :wink:

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The concept is hilarious, I really appreciated ch.3 scene in which the character is drunk and says wrong words, very funny :joy:

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Thank you. :heart_eyes:
I will read yours soon. Hopefully within the next few hours. :blush:

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Hi again.
I read yours. I really think it was very creative with the “inside your mind” thing. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Are you interest in a r4r?

Yeah, sure. :blush:
You just have to read mine first. :wink:

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