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Since the Risk and Reward Contest is coming to an end, I thought I would make a reading list/promotion post here too! :smile:
I’m entering too, so if we haven’t agreed on a R4R yet, feel free to dm me on IG @annaw.stories or just pm here! :blush: I’m afraid of not seeing it in the comments, so please send me a dm and don’t just mention it in the comments :smile:

Feel free to promote all your amazing entries here! After the deadline, I will add the link here, so you can do the same if you want :white_heart:

Title: R&R: Cloaked Lust
Author: @annaw.stories
Genre: Fantasy (with Romance ofc :kissing_closed_eyes:)
Chapters on release day: 3
Description: The human realm is dangerous, but your sister’s life is on the line. Can the hot doctor you meet save her or will your risk not reap reward? [CC, F/M LI]
What can you expect?:

  • CC for the male and female LI and the MC
  • Advanced directing with overlays, zooms and mini games, several point systems
  • No important gem choices, there are only optional gem choices, that will not limit your reader experience, e.g. buying points, skipping mini games and supporting the author
  • New episodes will be released after Episode announces the winners, but no matter what, the story will be continued and finished! :white_heart:


Thank you so much if you have actually read everything until here! :white_heart: I will also announce a pretty cool thing on my Instagram on Friday, so make sure to follow me :white_heart:

You can promote ALL stories here, not just contest entries! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Good luck for the contest! :heart:

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Thank you! :white_heart:

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Hoping I get finished in time. :face_with_monocle:

R&R: Till Death Do Us Part


Baked potato

Family is everything to you and that’s why you are sacrificing your whole life to save your sister by getting married to a famous actor. Will it be a movie worthy romance?


1LI, male or female MC, male or female LI, plusize choice, Full CC


Thanks so much for this thread!! <3
Title: R&R: The Academy
Author: @shapsilon.epi
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters on release day: 3
Description: Welcome to Acadia Academy, College for Magickals! Team up with 3 sexy companions to uncover who you really are. Fantasy, romance and danger await! (3 M/F LI, choices matter)




Thank you for this! (Interested for r4r with everyone)

R&R: Victim 269
Author: @emma.writes.episode
Style: Limelight
Chapters: 3 (coming soon)
Description: Your master betrayed your trust and misused your loyalty. Thrown in the enemy’s hands, will you fulfil your role as a vigilante for justice or will darkness get you in its grip?

I’m publishing tomorrow!

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yeee! excited to read babe :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Ahhh thank you!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Hi friends! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

We’re releasing a day early, so feel free to give our story a read! Written by me, and directed by the lovely @anon6748744
Feel free to shoot us messages on our Insta’s! @episodepeach and @rachelonepisode

Title: R&R: Under Pressure
Author Page: EpisodePeach
Genre: Adventure (ft. Comedy, and LGBTQ+ romance :prideflag:)
Description: Akihiko has a set routine at his Ivy League school until he meets siblings Huck and Berry and his whole world is turned upside-down. They embark on an adventure… but at what cost?
You’ll enjoy this story if you like: Road trips, eighties and nineties music, bad jokes, and queer representation. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Enjoy, my friends!


Thank you for this :purple_heart:

Title: R&R: Idol
Authors: Caffeinated and Dorothy (@caffeinatedwrites @dorothy.writes on IG)
Genre: Drama, romance, adventure
Description: Unhappy with his life as an ultra popular K-pop idol, Soo-ho decides to risk everything for a fresh start. Will the reward be worth it or will his old life continue to haunt him?
Extra stuff: Male MC, limited CC, one LI (female)


Here’s my contest entry

R&R: Vengeance
In a Post Nuclear dystopian world, 2 sisters hear word of their parents after 3 years.
Will they risk their lives to travel the dangerous Wasteland in hopes of reuniting?
(Full CC)

Set in a dystopian world, twin sisters Charley and Aria discover their parents aren’t dead after thinking they are for 3 years. At the end of Chapter I they take the risk of leaving the guarded VitaWoods in hopes of reuniting with their parents. They knew the journey would be difficult although they weren’t sure how challenging it would be. Pushing them physically and emotionally to the edge will they survive? Maybe a pair of prince Charmings will be what keeps them going.

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Hello! Thank you so much for making this thread :heart:

Title: R&R: Blackmore Lake
Author: @nmc_episode
Genre: Horror
Chapters on release day: 3
Description: You and your friends track down your mother who is living in a newly built lakehouse. Little did you know about the horror lurking in the woods, and the cursed land it is built on.



Heya, EpisodeAnon27 here!

We can do R4R if you’re still open! :relaxed:

Title: R&R: The Marionette
Art & Written by: EpisodeAnon27
Genre: Mystery, Horror, Thriller, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Instagram Account: @episodeanon27

Story Description: Died with the missing memories for what happened, a Seer gave a deal you can’t decline for a second life. Will the outcome worth the risk when it comes to your shattered trust?

Story Link:

Limelight, Choices Matters, Female & Male Love Interest, Female MC, Art Scenes included!

TITLE: R&R: A Rebel’s Promise
AUTHOR: @saol & @ColemanS
GENRE: Adventure
DESCRIPTION: Tragedy left you with a huge debt and when it all goes downhill, you have to risk your own life to save your daughter’s. Luckily, you don’t have to do it all alone.
DETAILS: There is full CC, one LI which can be male or female, advanced directing, mini games, choices that alter scenes and dialogues, art scenes and more.

share your screenshots with us via instagram @saol.epi & @seda.episode


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I’m open to R4R! :white_heart: Let me know if you are too!

Hi! I’m interested in R4R :relaxed::sparkling_heart:

R&R: Seeing Double :eyes:
Authors: @purplerosewrites and @aiR
Description: Michelle has a lot on her plate. And by that, we mean A LOT. This leads her to make the decision to clone herself. However, things don’t go exactly as planned…
Genre: Comedy
Contains full CC, advanced directing and choices that matter

IGs: @purplerosewrites and @eccentricstuffs


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I just send you a dm on IG :blush:

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Title: R&R: Kingdom of Lies
Author: @Makaykay122
Genre: Fantasy
Chapters on release day: 3
Description: A Fae of dark origins must hide her true identity in order to seduce a dangerous man from Earth. Will the business deal go awry or will she fall harder than she bargained for?
What can you expect?:

  • Limited Customization for the MC Norissa and her LI Alessandro
  • Advanced zooms and directing
  • Sound and some mature themes revolving fantasy
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Would you like to do a r4r? <3

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