Promoting my first ever Series.. you can promote yours here too:)

Hi everyone,
Please check out this new series that I’ve been working on, called Red With Envy… I have only released the first 6 episodes but I will release more soon… I want to see what the community thinks of it first as It does take a lot of time and support to produce the chapters. This story is a romance/thriller… It’s about couple that has problems-life threatening problems and of course there are twists and dark secrets that will be in the story. It is for mature adults though as there are adult themes and strong language.

Title- Red With Envy


Instagram- Rosa.episodesxo


Omg the cover is amazing :star_struck:
Congratulats on publishing
I will add it to my favorite and check it out later :kissing_heart:
Story title :- Darker than Black

Author :- flare

Instagram: @flare_888

Description:- Under some Circumstances you will have to act as Psychologist at the house of the riches people in the country , will you mange to keep your identity hidden ?

Genres :- Drama , Romance .

Current chapters :- 13(on going )

style :- LL

Choices matter

Points system


Cover :———-

Link :

Thank you!!!

Thank you and yes I will check yours out too!! I like your cover:)

I will follow you on insta now!!

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Thank you for this thread
Here is mine
Title: Its all a mirage
Description: An arranged marriage with your enemy Tyler Moore. Threat to the company you gave your life to help build, what will you focus on, disaster marriage or your legacy?
Author: @Butterfly.ep_14 on insta
Genre: Romance

Looks awesome… we can do read for a read if ya want… Will follow you on insta xx

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i would love to do a r4r if you’d like?

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Thank you for the thread :heartpulse: The cover is so beautiful :heart_eyes:
TITLE: Our little secret

GENRE: Mystery/Drama

DESCRIPTION: What could be better than meeting five close friends at a student party? Such events are extremely rare. However, things don’t get so rosy when a dead girl is found in the house. Who is behind this and what is the little secret of each of them?

•Full CC

•One LI

•Sounds & Music

•Point System, Choices matter, Mini games

My ig: @epi.ksu

If anyone could take the time to read mine I would hugely appreciate it!

Story: The Unwanted
Genre: Mystery
Insta: @evilyn.writes
Style: Ink

15 years since we’ve been deemed useless and deported to Earth. Now, we reunite to solve the supernatural murders and as past becomes present, our mistakes become fatal…

Advanced directing/ overlays etc.


Also up for r4r!

Thanks :hugs:

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Yess lets do it :slight_smile:

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Hi babe, You can check out my first / new story ‘The Demon Hunter’ . I hope you like it

Story : The Demon Hunter
Author : Flavia
Style : Limelight
Genre : Drama / Romance
MC : Female
LI : One (Leonardo Dragna)

Description : You become a monster to save your beast’s , even the Demons kneel before you . Black Dragons need your help and they choose a wrong way to find you. You are ready to hunt them.
But what happens when you discover some hidden secrets, will it change your mind ?

Story link :

If you like my story follow me on Instagram and share it with your friends
Let me know what you think about my story
Instagram : flaviasempire

Love you all my dears :hugs: :hugs:

Have a blessed and beautiful life :heart:

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Thank You! we can do r4r if you want?xx

hii id love to do a r4r with you :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

my story is called The Boy Next Door

author name: ꪀꪗꪶꪖ :honeybee:
chapters out: 3

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Thank you for this thread! :blush:

Title: something like summer

Description: While he lives a life of rules and expectations, she lives a life of struggles and reality. But what happens when the cross each other’s paths that one summer?

Genre: romance/ comedy


Insta: @daaisy.creates

I’m available for r4r, you can dm or pm me :slight_smile:

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Thanks for this thread!
Also congrats on your publishing!

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Thanks for the thread :two_hearts:

Story Title: Dancing with Danger
Genre: Romance/ Drama
Description: When fate intertwines you with a mysterious man who holds the power of life and death in his eyes, danger becomes unavoidable. Can you survive Him? What will you uncover along the way?

This is a story full of mysteries, plot twists, and even action. The main character, Emma’s life flipped upside down when she met him but had no idea how much her life would change forever. Will she come to terms with the writing on the wall?

Chapters: 1-3 are out now!
Choices: :heavy_check_mark:
LI: Male 1
Style: LL
MC: Female
Music & Sound: Yes
Status: Ongoing
Diversity: Yess

I’m ready for it

Yes let’s do it :slight_smile:

Yes let’s do it xx

Heyyyy so I’ve just finished reading your story… it’s really good! :heart:

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